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Download Shareware Active file recovery provides excellent chances of getting your data back intact, particularly if you use it soon after losing the files. The latest version introduces a number of improvements, including a bit executable, faster active file recovery times and more file signatures. Publisher Description Active File Recovery is a data recovery tool which helps you to retrieve files from formatted disks or partitions, as well as those which have been emptied from the Recycle Bin in Windows.

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active file recovery

SuperScan is an analogue of DeepScan in Recuva and similar programs. Searching for files takes much longer, because the entire hard disk is scanned. This, accordingly, increases the chances of recovering deleted files. There is also an enhanced version — QuickScan Plus. Unlike QuickScan, all unallocated space is scanned on the storage device. Saving of search session is available in each mode. In other words, you can save the results and open them for analysis and recovery later. Active file recovery ‘Superscan’ option Last Chance recovery and file signatures In the version of the program — Active File Recovery 13 — there is an option ‘Last Chance recovery’.

It is necessary to understand that some of metadata can simply not be restored including the creation date, file name and so on. The original file extension with Last Chance recovery, as a rule, is not saved. Recovered files are grouped by types, signatures and other surviving data. Subsequently, it is convenient to organize them through File Organizer. Convenient sorting of files through File Organizer The recovered files may not have extensions and names.

Therefore, when viewing results, File Organizer is convenient. You can create special folders and distribute files by their signatures. File Organizer distributes files by extension, allowing you to view data through preview, move items to another folder, etc. In this case, the files are placed in RAM and are not written to disk without the user’s knowledge.

Active Image Recovery integrates an image viewer jpg, png, tiff, bmp and other formats. The program assembles array from several disks.

By connecting a virtual image to the device list, you can try to restore the data. This is a kind of insurance against unsuccessful recovery and overwriting of deleted files.

After creating the image, you can work with it as with a conventional storage device. The following types of virtual disks are supported: Active Image.

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You can try a free Demo of [email protected] File Recovery and than buy it. [email protected] File Recovery recovers data as a result of having been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost, includes a Partition Recovery tool.

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With data recovery utility — [email protected] File Recovery you can recover accidentally deleted files and folders. Active File Recovery enables you to recover files that you’ve accidentally deleted or that were lost for any number of other reasons. With clear options and.

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Active file recovery