The software is characterized by top-notch OCR conversion, an excellent ability to export to MS Office documents and an intuitive interface. Usability and Speed The dashboard boasts large, intuitive and dummy-proof icons to guide you through options and functionalities. One of the interface perks is the adobe acrobat pro dc features where you can search what you need. It also adobe acrobat pro dc features the chance to correct words not correctly recognized, displaying the image of the doubtful OCR recognition which you can correct or confirm. You can convert file also from your mobile phone, but it takes a little more time.

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adobe acrobat pro dc features

Overview of Accessible Documents It is always best if possible to start with an accessible source document e. Consult the following checklist to a check a PDF for accessibility , and b fix any accessibility problems you find. Save often! Saving multiple versions is recommended Step 1. Does document have text? How to test: If No: This is an image file and is not accessible. Step 2. Is document tagged? If No, this document needs to be tagged. Tags provide the structure on which accessibility is built.

Step 3. This can also provide a fairly though not entirely accurate representation of the order in which screen readers will read the content.

Some accessibility fixes can be made using this tool. Here are a few: Hide decorative or redundant images from screen reader users.

Rearrange read order if needed. Step 4. Are headings marked up as headings at appropriate levels? Study the document visually to determine what the heading structure should be. Keep in mind that headings should form an outline of the page, as explained in the Overview of accessible documents. There are a variety of ways to explore the tag tree. This will expand the tag tree if needed and highlight the selected tag. Then click on any tag to see the content associated with that tag highlighted in the document.

Headings should be marked up with tags that are equivalent to HTML headings tags i. Some authoring tools may create tags that have heading-like names e. However, these are not recognized by screen readers and will need to be changed.

To change a tag, right click on the tag, select Properties, then choose an appropriate tag from the list. If you know the what the correct name should be for a particular tag, you can also double-click the tag and type in the correct name. Step 5. Does other markup need to be fixed? Follow the same instructions as in the previous step.

However, rather than focusing specifically on headings, consider the overall structure. Are lists tagged as lists? Does content in appear in a reasonable order? In Step 3 you checked the read order of content, and may have rearranged some items so they would flow in a meaningful order in a small window. While this order is typically close to the order of items in the tag tree, the latter is the actual order in which items will be read by screen readers. If items seem to be out of order in the tag tree, drag them to a better location.

Authoring tools generate a wide variety of tags. As long as headings are tagged as headings; and lists, tables, and images are all tagged up appropriately, a document will likely be easy for screen reader users to navigate, read, and understand. In some cases, the tag tree of a document is a total mess, and it might be easier to delete all tags and start over building them from scratch rather than try to fix the existing tags.

Step 6. Check for any lingering errors. Run the accessibility checker that is built in to Acrobat Pro. The report lists items in various categories such as Document, Page Content, etc. Each item is preceded by an icon indicating that the item either passes, fails, or requires manual inspection. Right click on any item to see a list of options for fixing the problem or learning more about it. This is the final step in our checklist, rather than the first step, because some documents generate dozens of errors that can easily be addressed with the first five steps.

This way, the accessibility checker will report fewer problems and will be easier to read and work with.

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Turn any file into a high-quality PDF that’s visible on any of your devices. Acrobat Pro DC has all the features you need to create, edit, share, and sign PDF . Adobe’s PDF editor is as feature-packed as ever, with the addition of more affordable subscription pricing.

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Nothing matches Adobe Acrobat Pro DC’s depth of features for almost all PDF- editing purposes. Acrobat is now a full PDF ecosystem that. Home > Services > Hardware and software > Software > Adobe Acrobat Pro DC > Features of Adobe Acrobat DC. The features of Adobe Acrobat Pro Document.

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