Previously exclusive to macOS, it’s now available as a private beta. WindowsBlogItalia has gained access to the private beta, which is currently in version 0. When Adobe originally announced that the app would come to the Universal Windows Platform, it said that it would be available by the end of ; adobe xd windows 10, that’s only a month away. Here’s the app description translated:

Who wins the fight between Figma and Adobe XD?

adobe xd windows 10

XD is amongst the most well-rounded, reliable, and innovative UX design applications available; by making it free of charge to both Mac and Windows users, Adobe are hoping to make it the de facto choice. We believe Adobe XD will be as big as Photoshop, if not bigger. The cynical amongst us will question how Adobe can afford to do this. It may be more astute to ask whether Adobe can afford not to do this. Great design tools are regularly being launched at very reasonable rates, often gratis.

From Sketch to InVision, the competition is stiff and Adobe is often—perhaps part-fairly—perceived as maintaining a stable of out-dated and over-priced applications. XD may be seen by Adobe business strategists as a gateway application to the rest of the Creative Cloud suite.

There is one limitation of the free version of Adobe XD: You can only share one prototype, and one design spec, at a time. Adobe seem to be targeting freelancers to build a grass-roots community that drives demand, while funding it by charging agencies who require more flexible sharing options.

In addition to Photoshop integration, the latest round of features includes Sketch integration, password-protected files, drag and drop asset swapping, and pasting to multiple artboards. Over the next few months the XD team expects to ship enhanced animation features, and improved asset management.

The most anticipated items on the roadmap are the UI element animations, enabling designers to accurately describe the intended feel of an interface for richer experiences. As well as cold hard cash, Adobe will give you access to tools, early previews, and access to experts, so you can develop the most robust version of your plugin possible.

You can sign up for access here. XD, arguably unlike some Adobe products, is exceptionally good. The expectation for design careers is that experience of UX processes will be increasingly desirable over the next five years, as will fluency in UX design tools. Adobe have the financial clout to make XD the global standard, something that they appear determined to do.

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3 days ago To install and use Adobe XD, you need Windows 10 Creators Update (bit) ( v (build ) or later), or macOS or later. Adobe XD is a special design tool that has been created especially for Smartphone users. This mea Free Downloadfor Windows. 8 8/10 (19 votes) . Rate it!.

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The moment a lot of Windows based UI/UX designers have been waiting for has finally come: Adobe XD has been just launched for Windows Get rid of the hamburger menu, and give windows users a full on top menu like in Photoshop or Illustrator. Hiding options behind an icon is a.

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