Please note http: How to add exceptions to Avast? Open the Avast user interface go to Settings Click on Active Protection Select the shield File System, Mail, or Web for which you want to add the exception, click on Customize link Find the menu item Exclusions add the item you want to exclude avast scan programs when executing scanning by the specific Avast shield. Restarting will reorganize all the files and the avast will check for the list. Thus all the exclusions will be clear out and every problem will be solved.

Here’s what to do when antivirus blocks EXE files against your will

avast scan programs when executing

The more I try to investigate, the less I understand what the problem could be. I’m requesting your help to find a solution so that my programs are no longer blocked, or, as a default, at least some strong clues that would explain why it might be the case.

There are already many topics about that on the web. However, most of them give only superficial answers: While it is certainly correct, it’s not acceptable answers in my sens, because I’m still left with my own programs that refuse to work without any concrete idea to start investigating. First of all, the only anti-virus that blocks my programs is avast 7.

No other anti-virus see any inconvenient to run my software. Secondly, I haven’t avast myself; it is installed on a friend’s machine. I have windows 7, he has windows XP. I’m completely sure that the problem is avast only: Three different programs are in trouble: A text editor, with the goal to replace windows notepad while keeping simple, efficient and customizable A small amateur audio player very simple to use The client program of an online game platform, currently having more than users The first one is open source, I can give a link to the executable and the source code if needed.

The two others are closed source but free to use, I can give a link to the executable of the current version only. Versions 1. It has been compiled with GCC 4. The new version of my game, 2. I share it with my private beta-testing team as zip files within a private dropbox folder The problem is caused by avast 7.

The following happens when one try to start a program disliked by avast: The user double-click or hit enter on the executable The program starts but is almost instantaneously and forcibly crashed by avast A pop-up appears and says something like: From there, I made the following deductions: My machine isn’t itself infected and no virus is injected into the executables I distribute; otherwise, all recent programs would be blocked; I have two which are my player and the new version of my game , while one is not the latest version of my text editor.

The 1. The newest version of GCC 4. My audio player and my game have the audio library in common; this later is not the cause, because the version 1. And of course, that audio library is also used in many other known or less known applications that aren’t blocked. Both the player and the game access the network using winsock; so by the same reasoning, it’s not the cause either IF it really were the reputation thing of avast, why the version 1.

IT looks completely illogical. Is 70 users sufficient to claim something about reputation? Is it more with users? I really don’t think so Additionally to that, I also though that the fact I’m distributing my programs as portable zip files may be a reason for avast to block, and conversely, the fact that a program is well installed in program files may be a reason to trust it more. So I made a simple experience: I compiled a new inno-setup 5 installer for the beta 2.

I made another experience with my friend, where I tried to find exactly the place where the programs crash, based on using MessageBeep MessageBox is also blocked! I didn’t noticed anything problematic. IN the text editor, it is blocked while populating the menu bar My conclusion is, there is something that avast don’t like in the new version of my game, in the old versions of my text editor, and in my audio player.

Something that is absent in the newest version of my text editor. What could it be? Do you have any clue? Do you have only an idea on how I could proceed to find what it is so that I can hope to fix it?

Is there only a way to analyse such a problem, or is the hole world screwed by avast? Note that I’m a single person and not a company, all those programs are free to use, I have not pay any IDE to develop them, and I’m not paid by the users when they use them, so I assume that a certificate is probably not affordable at all.

I would prefer strongly forget that option if there is any other solution, even a very dirty one. Thank you for reading.

Turn Off Avast Temporarily

Checking the boxes “scan programs when executing” and “scan scripts when executing” will ensure that all programs and scripts will be scanned at the moment. I need these to not be crashed/scanned so I can test my programs fast >_< is there a way for a developer to do this type of thing without having.

VIDEO: Avast Scan Programs When Executing

It’s located in C:\Program Files\Silicon Studio\Xenko\GamePackages\Xenko -beta\Bin\Windows-Direct3D11 once Xenko is installed. If java had true garbage collection, most program would delete themselves . file system shield and uncheck Scan programs when executing.

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