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Rediscover what a fast, smooth-running PC feels like, now avira system speedup with a one-click privacy cleaner. Then prevent inactive software from needlessly consuming your memory. With just a click, System Speedup fixes errors, repairs broken settings, and cleans avira system speedup system registry. To be on the safe side if you did lose or accidentally delete a file, System Speedup helps you recover it.

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avira system speedup

KG was founded in The company produces anti-virus and optimization programs for private users as well as businesses. Avira System Speedup Pro is a software that optimizes the computer in numerous areas, is easy to operate and can be used on various Windows systems. The Tune-Up program scans the computer for data garbage that is slowing it down.

After a thorough scan, System Speedup Pro removes all troublemakers that were found, rectifies problems and optimizes performance. This enables the PC to run faster and the user gains additional storage space. Via an online contact form, users can reach the English-speaking Avira support team by email or phone. Potential purchasers who are still uncertain can download the Avira System Speedup Pro software as a free demo version and test it for 30 days.

Installation System Speedup Pro can be purchased on the official website in the form of a one-month subscription or as an annual subscription. Users pay around 25 euros for one year. After purchase, the software can be downloaded and installed on the PC. The full version is activated with an activation code, which the buyers receive via email. A Wizard accompanies users through the installation steps. Installation is completed in just a few minutes and is hassle-free even for beginners.

If purchasers are not satisfied with System Speedup Pro, they can return the software within 30 days and receive the full subscription price. Cleaning The program interface is designed in a clear way. The individual functions of the software can be found on the left hand side and important information can be found in the middle.

A clear summary appears automatically after starting the program. Users can see the status of the system optimization in the dashboard. This is divided into the categories of hard drive, performance and private data. Via the menu situated on the left hand side, users call up the various cleaning functions of Avira System Speedup Pro. After a few moments, users will have an overview of junk files, erroneous registry entries, and an exact indication of how much storage space can be gained.

The Tune-Up software reliably removes all incorrect registry entries and deletes the junk files from the connected drives. As soon as the optimization process is complete, a summary appears in the middle of the screen. This allows users to see how many files, registry entries and private data have been cleaned up and optimized by Avira System Speedup Pro.

In just a few clicks, users can have the Tune-Up software optimize their data carriers, thereby gaining free storage space. Data can be deleted hassle-free using the clean-up function. Additionally, users have access to a hard drive doctor, which scans all connected drives for errors and removes them. These can improve the performance of any computer. Avira System Speedup Pro analyzes the operating system and programs and recommends various optimization measures to the users.

The software creates a detailed list of applications and apps that are slowing down the start-up. Users can deselect the entries so that these do not automatically start with Windows. This speeds up the operating system. Avira System Speedup Pro allows its users to choose whether to opt for basic optimization which enables a faster start-up or for HyperBoost which enables a start-up at the speed of light.

Users can deactivate certain services, thereby increasing the battery power of their laptop, in the menu item Energy Saving and High Performance Modes. By activating the turbo mode, the PC makes use of its maximum computing power. With the Game Booster, users deactivate updates and notifications and can thus play games undisturbed and with maximum processor speed.

Among the many features of Avira System Speedup Pro is a professional defragmenter that rearranges individual files on the hard drive, thereby increasing the performance of the computer. There are tools in the File menu with which users can find empty files and duplicates. Furthermore, there are tools to encrypt and decrypt data, and to copy locked or hidden files.

A shredder that erases data irretrievably is also available. The right-click menu optimizer allows users to customize the entries that appear. In the Drive menu, users can see all the drivers that are placing heavy strain on Windows.

In the service manager, the Tune-Up software lists all resource-intensive services, and the process manager displays all currently running processes. Drives, services and processes can be removed or stopped in just a few clicks. Repair In the Deinstaller menu, all installed programs are sorted according to size and can be uninstalled as desired with a simple click.

In addition, all changes made with the software can be undone in just a few clicks. Under the menu item Restore files, the user can have the Avira System Speedup Pro search for deleted files on the hard drive and restore them in just a few clicks.

This works on all deleted data, apart from files that have already been overwritten with new file segments. User-friendliness System Speedup Pro from Avira has a modern, clear and english-language user interface and can only be installed on Windows platforms.

Thanks to a quick and simple installation, the software can be used in just a few minutes. There is also a convenient app for smartphones with the Android operating system called Avira Android Optimizer.

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Avira Free System Speedup is a one-click optimization tool for speeding up a PC, prolonging its battery life, and freeing up disk space. Runs on Windows. Avira System Speedup is one of many device optimization programs offered by Germany based Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG.

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Avira Free System Speedup is the one-click tune-up suite that accelerates your speed, deep cleans your PC, thereby freeing up storage space on your hard. Avira System Speedup boldly goes where no user can, safely and thoroughly removing unused programs and files, optimizing Windows to.

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Avira system speedup