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Step 2: Launch Free WiFi Hotspot. Step 3: Set your hotspot name; this is the name baidu wifi the other devices will see and connect to.

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baidu wifi

Step 2: Launch Free WiFi Hotspot. Step 3: Set your hotspot name; this is the name that the other devices will see and connect to. Step 4: Set your password so as to protect your Free WiFi Hotspot. The unique password keeps your hotspot safe and secure by the same WAP2 WiFi security standards employed by most routers. Step 5: Choose network connection that you want to broadcast using Free WiFi Hotspot from the drop-down.

Step 6: Connectify Hotspot Connectify is fully featured virtual WiFi router software with the ability to convert your computer into a WiFi hotspot, enabling you to connect a wide range of devices, from smartphones, tablets and other computer systems.

Connectify enables you to efficiently monitor and manage all the connected devices, with the window showing you the internet speed being consumed by every connected device. In addition, it is a perfect application for the multiplayer gaming option as two computers or gaming devices can be connected using the WiFi making the gaming smooth and efficient. The reason why My WiFi Router stands out among the rest is the fact that it creates a hotspot with very strong and high range signals.

In addition to being able to share internet across multiple devices, My WiFi Router allows you to share videos and other files across all the devices connected to the WiFi network. MaryFi MaryFi hotspot creator is virtual WiFi router software best known for its three key features, a user interface which is simple, with only basic required aspects necessary to it without any clutter.

Secondly, MaryFi provides access to shared files across multiple devices. Last but not least, MaryFi is an efficient repeater which allows the availability of WiFi signals throughout a given area. It automatically sets the password upon installation however you can change it whenever you want. Baidu WiFi Hotspot is reliable and offers a secure internet sharing.

It is very portable since it can be stored in various storage devices. It has a GUI front-end to the command line method which is used to enable WiFi hotspot on your computer, something that makes HostedNetworkStarter an easy to use and efficient app. It runs without any background processes, performing all its functions efficiently as expected of a WiFi hotspot.

Bzeek Bzeek is a network program that comes with a built-in firewall meant to protect your network connection, computer as well as all the other connected devices. Bzeek has a control panel that you can use to manage devices and connections. Apart from allowing you to manage the devices connected to it, you can rename the devices and blacklist them to stop them from accessing the WiFi.

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If you have some devices without internet and you want to share the internet connection from a computer, then create a hotspot to other devices. Baidu WiFi Hotspot was listed since March 25, and is a great program part of WiFi / Bluetooth subcategory. It has achieved over 61, installations all time .

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Baidu WiFi Hotspot, free download. Wireless hotspot software for Windows: A free WiFi wireless hotspot that can share access with friends. WiFi Hotspot allows you to easily share your computer’s network with Free Baidu Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Version Full Specs.

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Baidu wifi