As we all know, the basic photo viewer which everyone is familiar with is the Windows Photo Viewer. It provides all the necessary functionalities like simple view, slide best photo viewing softwarephoto printing, sharing via emails, etc. But lately, Microsoft has upgraded their photo viewer from Windows Photo Viewer to something called Photos. Though not liked much by the users, it is the default application for Windows

5 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

best photo viewing software

Have thousands of photos to organize on your disk? There are a number of excellent free photo viewer alternatives to Windows default photo viewer. This article will introduce you 3 free photo viewers that are compatible with Windows system. Have a look and choose the one you need. Free Photo Viewer 1: FastStone Image Viewer provides excellent full screen view and custom thumbnail size thumb database of images for faster browsing like commercial photo viewer ACD See.

Plus, The file explorer, Favorites and Tag tools help you easily browse images and have the best image viewing experience. Free Photo Viewer 2: XnView XnView is considered as an all-in-one image viewer, browser and converter on publisher’s site. XnView can efficiently view, sort, browser and convert all your images. It enables a thumbnail cache for faster image viewing, but still speedy without cache. Plus, it gives the options to edit photo with external photo editor like Photoshop, to batch processing images, to create image slide show, and other extras.

Free Photo Viewer 3: IrfanView IrfanView is a very small, compact and fast photo viewer with impressive file format support. It actually divides into an Image Viewer and Thumbnail Browser. The image viewer is highly customizable. When you are familiar with the interface, you will enjoy the best photo explorer experience with it. Note that Google toolbar and Desktop Search installers are bundled, uncheck the selection if you don’t like when installing. It will bring your video to next level and amaze friends.

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Free Photo Editing Options

Check out the Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 that you can use for IrfanView is a photo viewing and editing software that probably all of. IrfanView is one of the best photo viewing software on the market. The app has a simple interface so it is easy to use even for beginners. IrfanView provides.

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We have compiled and updated a list of the best photo viewer tools. or professional as it is like a full photo studio suite for use in viewing, This is also one of the best Windows 7 photo viewer software used in the world. Not satisfied with the default photo viewer on Windows 10? Then, find the best Best Windows 10 Image Viewers; Tips for Viewing HEIC on Windows 10 Posted by: Alice Wang on April 20, to Alternative Software, Follow me on Twitter.

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