In the VPN business, a provider that offers free service typically monetizes on user privacy. I say typically because some trustworthy providers offer limited free service as a way of promoting their main product — the paid VPN. The bad news is you must submit your credit card details to claim it. The service offers up to five simultaneous connections, no ads, and quality support. The day betternet premium review policy comes with a draconian 50 Mb limit, betternet premium review will only get you as far as testing the VPN.

Betternet Review 2019: Does It Track Users’ Behavior?

betternet premium review

Afghanistan Freemium Version Betternet provides its freemium version but you can avail such package for seven 7 days only. In case you do not want to spend a single penny to secure your privacy, Betternet becomes a good option. It gives subscribers an option to use a single account on up to five devices at a time. The ability to connect with multiple devices is often an overlooked feature of a VPN. However, this feature can be beneficial for users seeking online privacy for their entire household or small business.

It does not offer a comprehensive list of features but at the same time, it makes an app quite user-friendly. Once you have downloaded the app, you have to press the Connect button and that is all. Admittedly, the providers have not done a great job in advertising this feature. Regardless, Betternet cleared my IP leak test, which means that this tool definitely works. Luckily, the provider passed DNS fitness test appropriately. Here is the result of WebRTC leak test: Betternet for Windows With the Windows client of this VPN, you can access to almost all geo-blocked websites and services.

Moreover, you can make yourself anonymous and protected against a range of cybercrimes. Just download the VPN from its official website, connect to the fastest servers and surf the web like never before.

The app is rather simplistic and allows absolutely zero customization. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some users prefer simplicity over choice. In any case, the overall client is user-friendly and intuitive.

The in-house VPN app for Apple offers a simple and sleek design with one-touch connection feature. Once installed on an iPhone, it allows users to access all geo-blocked sites from school, workplace or anywhere else in the world. Betternet Chrome Extension Betternet Chrome allows users to enjoy unrestricted access to unlimited blocked sites and services.

Once installed on Chrome browser, its extension gives one-touch anonymity to users. Betternet for Firefox The Firefox VPN extension is the most suitable solution to access internet with zero restrictions. Moreover, single tap connectivity gives subscribers with simple, easy and fast connection to the nearest available server.

Through this device, users can switch to Tor anonymity with just a single click. Moreover, when Betterspot is turned off, it works as a normal router. With Betterspot, a user can choose from wide range of servers including dedicated premium servers as well.

In this Betternet review, I consider Betterspot as an additional and worth trying service. Netflix Support Does it unblock other streaming services? Netflix unblocking is a rare trait and to my surprise Betternet allows you to access Netflix US library accordingly. After a bit of digging, I accessed my favorite TV show on the normal browser. Let me tell you one thing, I did not encounter any kind of buffering issue whatsoever during the whole process. Moreover, you can unblock other streaming services like BBC iPlayer, and others to fulfill your media desires.

What about Torrenting? Is Betternet Safe for Torrenting Betternet supports torrenting needs of its subscribers. But, you should remain cautious while torrenting as it belongs to one of 14 eyes countries. Likewise, their slow downloading speeds may spoil your media streaming fun a great deal.

There is no harm in exploring best VPN for torrenting guide to achieve your mission eventually. The main attraction of this VPN is its free service, which has no bandwidth limitation whatsoever.

Putting that aside, the pricing plan of this VPN are also fairly enticing. Moreover, the premium users get an edge over the free subscribers with five simultaneous connections, more servers, better speed and zero ads policy. Currently, the provider offers three premium plans. All the premium packages offer similar features. But ,at the time of creating Betternet review, it was discovered that no protocol selection option was offered in any of the packages.

Instead, they have taken a more conservative approach. There is no PayPal or Bitcoin option available. As an ardent advocate of anonymous paying methods, I strongly hope the providers make room for cryptocurrencies in the near future. Money Back Guarantee The money back guarantee of this service extends to 30 days. However, it has a surprising precondition according to which, a subscriber should not consume more than 50 MB of data.

Yes, only 50 MB data to test out the service. Without any doubt, the refund policy of Betternet is in need of urgent reforms. Get Betternet What I did not like about Betternet? Every VPN has some strong links and weak links too. Similarly, Betternet is not an exception at all.

Here is the list of different disadvantages I found during the review: Where is Betternet based? This is something that definitely goes against this VPN. Moving on, the premium subscribers of this service get access to servers from 10 locations. Meanwhile, the free users can only connect with the servers from the United States. This means that you have to pay the providers for an ad-free experience. Therefore, I went through speed test particularly.

Upon using 30 Mmpbs internet connection, I was able to get the below mentioned connection speed: When I connected to its US server, my connection speed dropped significantly. Here is the screenshot of the speed test below: Based on above testing, Betternet has a long way to go to become one of the fastest VPN services.

What we do know is that premium subscribers can access servers from 10 locations. Hence, in this Betternet review, I commend the providers for including this option. Does Betternet work in China? Sadly, it does not work in China. Therefore, you should explore our guide about some of the best China VPNs. Customer Support Can Betternet be trusted? Regardless, the provider offers an informative knowledge base area, FAQs section, and e-mail ticketing system.

Users can get an instant solution for common queries through FAQs section. The email query system aims to provide a detailed solution for complex issues faced by subscribers. For this review, I decided to evaluate their customer support and dropped off a query enquiring about the offered protocols. Unfortunately, I received no response from them until the next day.

This shows that providers have much room for improvement in their customer service. No Kill Switch You should use Betternet at your own risk because it can expose your original IP address at times when your connection suddenly drops.

You can find out different VPNs with a kill switch feature in this blog. However, as I mentioned before in this Betternet review, there is some bad press surrounding this VPN. Betternet is the most downloaded VPN in this list and leads by a humongous margin. This makes its inclusion all the more curious. Betternet, in contrast, is still available on these platforms. Make whatever you may of this study; the onus is on the providers to come clean. However, you can decline cookies request to store your information.

OpenVPN is a reliable tunneling protocol that has the means to secure you in the most hostile digital environments. IPsec, on the other hand, has its own set of strengths. However, there is absolutely no way of confirming if the VPN even utilizes these tools.

Third Party Tracking Libraries When you read the same case study in detail, you will witness numerous third party tracking libraries in its Android app. This way, you can identify 14 kinds of tracking libraries in the app. The provider can use these libraries for various purposes like tracking, advertising and others. Uncertain Explanation Betternet needs to be clear when it comes to providing information about its encryption. This is because they have mentioned both levels encryption like bit and bit.

This tactic creates enough confusion in the minds of existing as well as potential users to certain degree. Betternet Stance over Privacy Betternet has cleared the air by delivering a comprehensive transparency report that you can find in its privacy policy section. They have categorically stated in their reports that law enforcement agencies contact them on a regular basis.

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20 Best Alternatives to Betternet

Betternet might help you unblock streaming sites, but its privacy issues and lack of features mean it’s not a serious VPN. The following is our review of Betternet VPN. Most VPN services have a pretty straightforward business model. You pay a fee on a regular basis and you get a.

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right for you. Read through expert and user reviews of Betternet. Betternet offers a completely free version as well as a paid premium plan. Read our in-depth Betternet review to decide whether this VPN provider is On the other hand, premium users can easily select server location and make use.

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