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Adobe doesn’t provide free software, but we have our ways. Since none of the links we provided in our original post work anymore, we recommend you to browse torrent sites such as piratebaymirror. If you’re feeling wary about this, try using a VPN such as windscribe. You can choose to turn yours on only while you’re downloading, because they usually offer limited GB. Remember to check your Firewall so it won’t block it.

On a personal note, I use Windscribe but only the Desktop app, not the browser add-on. Both things should work at the same time without issue, but in my case, if I turn them both on, my Internet connection stops working.

You will also need a torrent downloader such as Transmission, uTorrent or BitTorrent. These downloads usually include a TXT file with installation instructions that you should check always. Before clicking on a link, check the seeders and leechers: The more seeds, the better: If there are more leeches than seeds, it’s very likely that your video won’t download.

Click on ‘Direct Download’ or ‘Magnet Link’ if there are more seeds than leeches and also enough seeds: The magnet links will automatically open your torrent downloader and the file will be saved into your computer. So, the magnet option is usually recommended. How do I download and convert video and audio files? Open our How to Make Gifs guide and scroll to How to download videos and How to download episodes and movies.

These are some programs that allow you to record your screen: Quicktime , Screenflick Mac and for Windows only: Use this Online Audio Converter to change audio files’ format. Use this page to convert Youtube videos to MP3. Where do I download high quality pictures? If you are looking for pictures of a specific celebrity or TV show, we recommend you google their name or its title next to “gallery”. This will help you find fansites that provide the best image archives with tons of HQ pictures.

For stock images that are often used for moodboards and similar, try browsing Pinterest or Flickr. Open our Resources page and scroll to Screencaps to find blogs and websites which provide screenshoots of numerous TV shows and movies.

Where do I download and install fonts? How do I identify fonts that I like? Open our Resources page and scroll to Fonts to find websites where you can download fonts Dafont being the most commonly used.

Here is our Fonts tag and here is a guide on how to download and install fonts. If you’ve found a gif or graphic that includes a font that you’d like to have but whose name you don’t know, try using websites that require you to upload a picture of the font at issue, such as WhatTheFont and WhatFontIs.

There is also a very useful Chrome Extension called WhatFont that recognizes fonts used in the body of sites it doesn’t work with fonts used in gifs and graphics. How do I upload my edits to Tumblr? Your edits and gifs ought to have certain dimensions for a proper display in Tumblr blogs and the Dashboard.

Once you’re ready, click the “Make a Photo post” button in your Dashboard. Select Upload photos and pick from one to ten edits. Once they’ve loaded, click on one of them and drag it to the spot you want it to take up, then release. This way you’ll be able to organize your edits and set one, two or three columns. How do I install themes and pages? Click here to check our tag and select a theme you like, or here to enter our themes page in case you’re looking for a theme with specific features.

Here is our pages tag. You can check the themes thoroughly by clicking on the preview link you’ll most likely find in every theme’s post. Once you’ve picked one, look up for a link to its code within said theme post.

There you can paste the code of your page and customize it. Make sure you save it at the end. Regarding the “Show a link to this page” feature, we usually leave it unchecked, since most users customize their links manually, either via the HTML or the Theme Options section in Customize.

Remember that pages don’t always have to be installed this way: How do I customize themes, or make my own? All theme codes should include the meta labels that will allow you to edit theme features within the Theme Options section in Customize, this is, without being forced to enter the Edit HTML page.

Once you’ve pasted the code of your theme, click on Update Preview, then save it, then exit and re-enter your customize page. If your theme looks strange, try this tutorial on how to reset defaults.

Once everything’s okay, you can start uploading your sidebar image or header, changing colors and adding links in the Theme Options section. Learn the specifics from the official Tumblr guide and go to w3schools to find explanations and examples every time you encounter an unkwnown HTML or CSS label.

You will need to have extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS coding in order to make your own themes or customize installed themes deeply. We recommend you these two tutorial series on how to make themes: Also, here is a site that helps you learn how to create a theme by using Photoshop as a web designer.

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You can get an idea of what kind of posts we reblog by taking a look at it. We mind the quality of the previews quite a lot, among other things you can find out below: We only reblog the kind of resources you would find in our blog; for example, we don’t reblog headers, icons or premades Tutorials must be detailed detailed doesn’t equal long, but they shouldn’t feel rushed, at least and the pictures on them shouldn’t be blurry, distorted or too small We won’t reblog PSDs with low quality, blurry or distorted images as previews; same for oversharpened, LQ or distorted gifs Always add a Read More in your Text posts if they are too long especially tutorials and masterposts photoshop: If you are using a cracked version of Photoshop this is, you downloaded the program without paying for it , it’s likely that your Photoshop will be missing some features.

There’s a button named “Convert to timeline animation” that you will read about in some tutorials but might not be able to find. This button turns the “Animation frames ” bar into a Timeline, which means all frames will become one single element, and this way you’ll be able to apply an action or a specific effect to all frames at once; for example, you will be able to sharpen all frames at once. The button is irretrievable unless you want to legally pay for Photoshop so, in order to sharpen your gifs easily sharpenning frame by frame is not an option: There are things you won’t be able to do without the timeline, but it isn’t indispensable and most things can be done in a different way, even if it’s a bit tedious.

How do I apply a style to all frames? Sometimes when you apply changes to a layer you apply a layer style, e. In order to get it working in all frames, select all frames in the animation bar and, within these buttons located in the Layers Panel, click on the one with the F in it while the layer at issue is selected. This problem may occur as well when you add a new layer to the Layers Panel and it only shows when the first frame is selected.

In this case, select the new layer you created and select the eye within these buttons in the Layers Panel. How do I get rid of the Dynamic Link error?

If you get this error: If you have Windows 8, read this one, and if you own a Macintosh, read this in order to know where to find the Task Manager and terminate any Dinamic Link references.

What’s the difference between 32bit and 64bit? Try and uninstall and re-install Quicktime.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features download it from here. .. since I got a new mac and was unable to move my old Adobe CS5 from my old one. Adobe Photoshop CC Mac OS X. Redesigns reality. If you can think it, you can, thanks to Photoshop, the best application design and imaging.

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01/04/ Adobe Photoshop CS5 by . the corresponding smoothing that is implemented on the Mac or Windows В®, you can now create. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended – Mac OSX + Serial. –, Torrent Downloads, A bittorrent download source for torrent. Adobe Photoshop.

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