All specifications are subject to change without notice. Windows 7. Windows XP. Windows 8.

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All specifications are subject to change without notice. Windows 7. Windows XP. Windows 8. Page 2 of IVT Corporation All specifications are subject to change without notice. The release provides: Simplified Chinese.

Windows Vista. Traditional Chinese. Data Terminal Headset Headset Roles: This allows a device to connect itself to an established piconet 3. Page 3 of Supports Bluetooth 4. Supports Bluetooth 3. Standard operating modes: You can create shortcuts for devices and services on the desktop by right-clicking the device or service icon. Page 4 of Select BlueSoleil in the program list and uninstall it. Installation steps: The shortcut can also be created by dragging a device or a service icon and dropping to desktop.

With regard to the installation command line. Right-click a selected file in Explorer. Users can modify the configuration by setting the checkbox on the “Audio Properties” tab. Fixed bug: If you are interested in doing this. Page 5 of The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil Two icons appear after locking the computer screen Fixed bug: After sudden remove the unlicensed dongle.

Reconnect the HID devices slowly after the computer standby. Allow users not to enter the paring code when connect to an gamepad which modeled as a Bluetooth keyboard. BlueSoleil cannot act as client and server at the same time.

The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil Page 6 of BlueSoleil may crash. Support operations for LE whitelist. Fails to set trayicon whether to display or not Fixed bug: Connect with PXP Tag. Page 7 of BlueSoleil only support pcs Bluetooth hardware device. Sometimes BlueSoleilCS.

Connect a printer via HCRP. BlueSoleil UI would be hanging. The information bubble of FTP folder shows incorrectly. Restart computer with HFP Connected. After computer is restarted.

Files still can be seen in BT Exchange Folder of remote unit even if they have been deleted completely in local unit. FTP windows would be crashed under windows 8 OS.

When the folder window is minimized. The following significant changes have been made to BlueSoleil8. Page 8 of Cannot push files to a new folder via FTP. Upload multiple files via FTP. In order to delete one device that has been paired before. The messy code in device property dialog. Click Pause at the volume control panel.

No voice comes out with handsfree devices. Click bubbles After OPP transmission success will pop up folder. Dialog characters show in garbled way when headset re-connects with BlueSoleil.

The service of the OBEX and set up local shared directory is garbled. System requests to reboot if the Wi-Fi device is disabled. Dialog characters show in garbled way when contacts and SMS list. Close task dialog when the process of the BPP transmission will cause Bttray crash. Under some scene BIP cannot receive files.

The tip of set FTP transmission properties is garbled. Improved the activation process. Page 9 of BPP cannot support multi-language documents. FTP folder attributes and file name are shown in garbled way. The dialog box of file properties of FTP files will repeat to pop up. BPP client print status cannot support multi-language. Remove Bluetooth hardware in high-speed transmission process. Cannot support UTF8 format when in sync with Outlook. Specification of the Bluetooth System.

Newly created folder at the server is not getting listed at the client on a FTP reconnection. April Page 10 of November 4. With X BlueSoleil will turn off. Related Interests.

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BlueSoleil is a professional Windows-based Bluetooth application, supporting Bluetooth and being Windows 8 compatible having optimized performance based on previous BlueSoleil versions.. You Can Easily Manage Your Desktop and Laptop Bluetooth Device Easily With. Ivt Bluesoleil Serial Number.

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