We’re waiting on the developers to put their heads together, but in the next few days you should expect that WindowsSecrets. Imperfectly, yes, but the seams shouldn’t be insurmountable. If you haven’t yet set up an account on AskWoody. If your AskWoody account check office 2010 service pack the same email address as your Windows Secrets account, the merge should go through quite easily: The matching email address is key.

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check office 2010 service pack

SP1 addresses the following issues which generated a number of complaints in public forums: The ability to configure Outlook to always use the default sending account. Fixes an issue with the snooze time not resetting to 5 minutes and restores the “before start options” found in previous versions.

Outlook warns of unsent messages still in the Outbox when closing. The method described in Unsent method to prevent accidental closing still doesn’t work in Outlook , but you can set Outlook to send the message in the future i. IMAP new mail icon fixed by a previously released hotfix and included in SP1 The long list of issues addressed is below.

What’s not fixed in this update This update does not fix the issue with plain text templates Templates are converted to plain text messages – the fix for this issue was released in a separate hotfix. Activities not displaying Journal items was not fixed in SP1 either. Note that I am not hopeful that we will see any change to Activities at this point. Issues fixed by the SP1 update Snooze time: You can now select a default email account and it will be used for sending all messages.

Reminders can be set for more than 24 hours without editing the registry. All Outlook issues addressed by SP1 Many of these issues were addressed in previously released hotfixes and updates: When Outlook opens an e-mail message that contains pictures, the program tries to write files that have a. This causes some anti-virus programs to mistakenly report that Outlook is trying to create an executable file. Message tracking and read receipt features do not work in some configurations. With Turkish regional settings, when you press “i”, Outlook online grouped view either stops responding or jumps to the first entry with “J.

When you open an email message or view a message in the preview pane , and then you access the Autocorrect options dialog box, CPU usage spikes while the dialog box remains. On Windows Vista or Windows Server , Search index is disabled when it encounters a message attachment that has a very long name.

You cannot create new items in a SharePoint Calendar that is synchronized in Outlook. Performance is reduced in the Remote Desktop environment. A memory leak occurs when you use in-cell editing to edit properties. When there are two attachments to an RTF message, the wrong attachment is opened.

After the fix is applied, support is also added for “Nego2” Authentication. Outlook does not use the context of the default sending account when creating new items. Outlook cannot be shut down. After an upgrade, Outlook is no longer the default email client.

EmailScanner add-in causes Outlook to crash. The add-in is disabled by default after SP1. Versions 1. An update for the add-in is available from Nuance. Chinese characters appear in the title bar, and cached Exchange delivery is broken after a mailbox is moved. Memory problems cause search indexing to stop and not resume. The Retention Policy of a folder is not displayed in “Use Folder Policy” when you apply the folder policy to an item.

A crash occurs after a call to ConfigureMsgService. Attachments to RTF email that were decrypted after being encrypted through RMS lose their position information and are lost. Programmatically applied IRM templates are not displayed correctly.

The last snooze time is used as the default for a different appointment. The email attachment limit can be exceeded. After the upgrade, the problem is fixed, and the limit is increased by a factor of 6.

The Quota Thermometer is not displayed for Online Archive stores. The mail preview is still displayed after the last item is moved out of the Inbox. Time zone details are inaccurate after an upgrade from Outlook Inadvertently loading recipient information on read-only items caused the program to stop responding.

Incorrect abbreviations are used in certain languages in the Find a Room feature. Screen reader tools cannot differentiate between a single message and a conversation. You cannot reply to a meeting from a POP account if the language is set to Turkish. An error occurs when you decline a meeting through the OM. Outlook stops responding while printing. When you print an email message that has embedded images and another attachment, some images are printed twice.

Retention policies set up on different computers cause a sync conflict. When you configure an account by using the Office Customization Tool OCT , you select to overwrite an existing account, but an additional account is created instead.

Tasks are duplicated in the To Do bar. You cannot join an online meeting if the meeting is made private or public after the reminder for the meeting has appeared. Outlook crashes when you “reply all” to a message that has no recipients. Messages get stuck in the Outbox. The subjects and the locations of appointments are truncated in month view. When the “Sent To: Me or CC: Me” command in the Search Tools Ribbon tab is used together with another query term, the results are incorrect.

You cannot sync mail or perform other actions that require information from more than one folder at a time on your IMAP server. IMAP users cannot open email messages from a desktop “new mail” notification. Tracking information is printed on the second page after the PrintTrackingPref regkey is set. You cannot add attachments though the OM if you do not have an Exchange account. When you are search for “items expiring soon,” the results are incorrect in some language versions. The end times of appointments are not printed when you print the calendar in the “monthly” style.

When you receive a signed message and try to add the sender to your contacts so that you have their encryption certificate, the certificate is not added. Outlook stops responding when you perform a search. Calendar items in Public Folders cannot be marked as read by using the shortcut keys.

Some reminders are not removed when you try to “Dismiss all” reminders. Outlook stops responding after you modify Automatic Replies Out of Office. Sharing messages to internal users does not work in certain circumstances. Daylight saving time setting is not correctly adjusted when you change time zones.

Automatic name completion stops working. During startup, Outlook stops responding as it tries to access the address book. Buttons on the Ribbon become unavailable after the background of an image is removed.

An item is lost when that item is moved to a folder that is in a different store. Exceptions to a recurring series revert after a change is made to the meeting organizer’s calendar. Non-Outlook users cannot open encrypted messages sent from Outlook. Attachments are not removed from the temporary folder at shutdown. Add-ins cannot activate Ribbon tabs. More Information.

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I think I just installed Service Pack 2 for Office but when I go to File-> Help it doesn’t show that Outlook is at Service Pack 2 level. Learn about what Office version you’re running from within an Office application. partner resources · Microsoft AppSource · Health · Financial services.

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A few days ago, I installed the Office Service Pack 1 and to my dismay, I couldn’t actually tell if it had installed. The version under Program. Q: How can I check if I have Office Service Pack 1 installed? John Savill | Jul 22, Office RTM – ; Office SP1 –

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