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Advanced skills Clip Studio Paint is a digital painting app that has been steadily gaining momentum and popularity over the past couple of years. Clip studio paint tools this round-up, we’ll share some of the best Clip Studio Paint tutorials, and where you can find them. We’ll kick off the list with some general, all-around Clip Studio Paint tutorials to help you get set up and show you how to draw using the tool. Then once you have a solid foundation, we’ll move on to some more specific tutorials so you can hone clip studio paint tools skills.

Clip Studio Paint

clip studio paint tools

This is recommended to users who cannot be satisfied with drawing tastes and performances of other paint software. With various brushes, you can create every sort of digital arts. Air brush tool can express the effect of gradation and blurring. You can create and save complicated gradation that uses multiple colors. The [Saturated Line] and [Stream Line] sub tools, exclusively for drawing effective lines, will automatically generate complex effective lines.

Hand drawing with special rulers will realize more meticulous expressions with pen touch. Just decide the area to create saturated line and stream line. Digital data can be applied to manga in a progressive way. Convert full-color 3D data for monochrome manga. Furthermore, you can check layout of work for printing such as cover page, back cover page and main text and information of each with [Show binding list], and confirm binding status with [3D Preview for Binding]. EX PC Easily works with Photoshop and other softwares such as Paint Tool SAI It supports the input and output of image files in a generic format including Photoshop format and can be smoothly federated with other software.

In addition, the iPad version allows PDF file export. You can export files in Kindle format. You can preview files in Kindle Previewer. You can export files in ePub format. Adds colors quickly and beautifully Completed with an easy-to-use painting tool to paint efficient and beautiful.

If you add a pose to a 3D drawing doll, you can use it as a design for authoring. You can freely transform the ratio of total height to length of the head or the body shape. Contains many ready-made pose files. By importing these, you can add a pose. Verify from 4 different directions all at once when placing 3D materials When placing a 3D material, it is possible to confirm the material from 4 different direction with the [All sides view] palette.

It’s possible to adjust the position of the focal point and camera of a 3D layer. Lots of free materials! You can now share your original materials with the world.

When you’re done, you can export your work as a movie, an animated GIF or a series of still images. Your finished work can be exported as a movie, an animated GIF or a series of still images and then posted on a website or social media.

The Process of Creating Animation Light table function – register pictures as a reference. Onion skin – display the surrounding images translucently. Adjustment feature to improve the quality It is equipped with the adjustment feature to improve the quality of your book.

You can create various effects when combining layers by changing the blending mode. Choose from 29 different blending modes! Text input You can add texts in your work not only as words for manga but also as a point of illustrations.

Texts are set detailed. You can add texts in your work. You can add an edge to your text. Input text will be reflected as text layer. It allows you to add a page or change the order of pages, or change to spread or a single page. User interface that allows you to freely customize the color or layout It will allow you to focus on creating artworks by providing a workspace laid out according to your preferred drawing style and the drawing environment that does not let you feel stressed.

It enables to change the color or density of the main window so that you can work easily. Palette layouts that fit a certain style or purpose such [Manga], [Illustration] and [Design] can be saved as a workspace. EX iPad Interface optimized for high-resolution retina display and touch operations Applications and canvases can be displayed in the resolution of the retina display in the Mac OS version. You can also switch to an interface optimized for touch operations in Windows8.

Various palette layouts, the sizes of design elements such as icons and various areas that would otherwise be difficult to operate using your finger have been adjusted to make the interface ideal for touch operations. Use the cloud service to share your app settings, creations, and materials across different devices The cloud service is an online service that allows users to share app settings, creations, and materials between the Windows, macOS, and iPad versions.

From now on, the supreme drawing taste can be enjoyed anywhere. Compatible with operations that use the Microsoft Surface Dial PRO EX PC With the Surface Dial it is possible to magnify and rotate a canvas, perform the undo function, adjust brush size, move along the timeline and rotate parallel line ruler.

Use Clip Studio with ibisPaint, the popular drawing app for smartphone and tablet You can import drawings from popular smartphone drawing app ibisPaint into Clip Studio Paint with layers intact so you can keep drawing. The popular drawing app for smartphone and tablet by ibis mobile inc. Accelerates the realization of your image in 3D There are various 3D functions that help bring out and get the creator’s image into shape: Makes up a scene for manga by laying out 3D characters and small objects with 3D as a background.

Contains 3D characters that can be customized by freely combining the clothes, hair style, facial expression and accessories.


Discover tools and features for creating illustrations, concept art, comics, and more, with explanations in our extensive ‑page manual. All this, packed in one. Enjoy creating more. Graphics software and app for character art, drawing, and painting, loved by professionals for its range of painting tools and natural.

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1. Settings. First change the default settings to your desired settings for your convenience. [1] Workspace/Palette Settings [2] Tool/Shortcut/Auto action Settings. The [Tool] palette displays when [Window] menu → [Tool] is selected. Various tools are arranged as buttons. Clicking a button enables the tool for use.

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Clip studio paint tools