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One of the main difference between the paid and free version is the lack of support, backups and VPN. Most can survive without these features. If your system has been infected with a malware, only Comodo paid customer will have an experts cleaning up your PC of all malwares remotely and ensure your PC remains clean. Comodo Windows Antivirus has a better approach. Cloud based Comodo internet security complete 8 key — Cloud based antivirus scanning detects malicious file even if a user does not have up-to-date virus definitions.

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comodo internet security complete 8 key

Adding Premium or Pro to an antivirus name often implies a paid edition, for example, Malwarebytes 3. But Comodo’s Premium edition is free. And while the words “Internet Security” in a name usually imply a security suite, Comodo doesn’t have the full collection of features I expect in a suite. View All 8 Photos in Gallery Yes, it includes a firewall, but many modern antivirus products include firewall, spam filtering, or some other selection of high-end features. This utility’s main window is laid out precisely like that of Comodo Antivirus 10 and Comodo Firewall A large panel at the left reflects security status.

If it’s green, all’s well. When it turns red, something’s wrong. Clicking the big Fix It button should sort things out. A two-by-two grid of large rectangular action buttons occupies most of the remaining space. All three products include buttons to check for updates and unblock any applications you might block in error. In Comodo Internet Security, the other two buttons serve to launch an antivirus scan and to invoke Secure Shopping; more about Secure Shopping later.

All three products offer an advanced view that puts more security stats and actions at your fingertips. In Comodo Internet Security, this view is packed with information and links to action items. Since it incorporates all the items from the standalone antivirus and firewall, it’s a very busy display. You can also change each product’s appearance to match that of the previous edition, or select an old-school Classic skin.

Shared With All Before you continue reading this review, click the links above and read my full reviews of Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall. Here, I’ll summarize my findings, starting with components that all three free Comodo products share. While these products are free, all of them work hard to earn money for the company.

When you start out with Comodo, it prompts you at least three times to switch all of your browsers to use Yahoo for home page, new tab, and default search engine. You also get numerous pitches from Comodo’s GeekBuddy tech support service. You can chat with a GeekBuddy for free, but if you want the tech to take any action, you have to pay. All three products include a sandboxing system, designed to let unknown programs run while preventing them from doing any permanent harm.

By default, Comodo automatically sandboxes any program not found in its online database. You can manually launch any program in the sandbox, or switch to a fully virtualized desktop. When you empty the sandbox, all system changes made by sandboxed programs vanish.

Comodo Dragon is a hardened, Chromium-based browser that comes with a raft of bonus add-ins installed. These include a tool for finding the best price when you’re shopping and a downloader that can grab a local copy of the online media you’re watching. For serious browsing security, you can launch Dragon in the sandbox, or run it on the virtual desktop.

In testing, it flagged both good and bad programs. The three products share a number of advanced features. You can use any of them to launch Comodo’s aggressive cleanup-only tool against pernicious malware, or to create a bootable rescue disc or flash drive.

A tool called KillSwitch lets expert users view and monitor running processes, with the option to terminate suspicious ones. Shared With Antivirus When evaluating an antivirus utility, I look at how independent testing labs around the world rated it.

This lab rates products on an point scale and honors products that earn Comodo definitely didn’t earn Top Product honors. At In the same test, Avira took 17 points total, and even Microsoft managed 15 points.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus led the pack, with a perfect point score. Normally I assign each antivirus an aggregate lab results score, but with just one result I can’t do that for Comodo.

Its aggregate lab score is 8. Malware Blocking Results Chart Comodo did very well in my hands-on malware-blocking test, with percent detection and 10 of 10 possible points. Webroot and PC Matic also managed a perfect However, Comodo was significantly less effective at detecting malware samples that I modified by hand, suggesting that its signature-based detection may be overly rigid.

The antivirus alone doesn’t include the ability to prevent access to dangerous URLs, so its score in this test relies entirely on detecting and eliminating downloaded malware.

Comodo’s 37 percent protection rate is among the lowest, a far cry from Norton’s 98 percent protection. Avira also did well, scoring 95 percent. However, when I ran the malicious URL blocking test again, this add-in did nothing at all. My contact at Comodo confirmed that this feature is not yet working, that it’s a placeholder for now. The company expects to roll out detection of malicious and phishing URLs sometime in Q1. Until that time, you won’t get any protection from this component.

I’m troubled by the fact that Comodo has released a product with an important feature like this in a nonworking state. The average user won’t know it’s just a placeholder. Comodo’s antivirus test results are all over the map. It aced my malware blocking test but failed to recognize many hand-tweaked samples. Its single independent lab score is dismal.

And it tanked my malicious URL blocking test. By contrast, Avira Antivirus scored well in my tests and in numerous independent lab tests. That’s what I like to see! Shared With Firewall The field of personal firewall utilities is diminishing. Most of those that remain in the running are free. Comodo successfully fended off the port scans and other Web-based attacks I threw at it. That’s good, but no more than the built-in Windows Firewall can do.

The other main task of a personal firewall is to control Internet and network access for programs. Comodo’s file rating system identifies trusted programs. When an unknown program attempts access, the firewall asks you, the user, what to do. Like ZoneAlarm, Comodo handles most programs itself, so if it does identify a program as unknown, you should pay attention. Others wipe out the malicious payloads dropped by some exploits. ZoneAlarm and Comodo don’t attempt this type of protection.

Even early editions of ZoneAlarm resisted direct attack by malware; Comodo, too. I couldn’t shut it down by tweaking the Registry, and trying to terminate its processes just got “Access denied. However, there’s a big bonus with the combined product: Secure Shopping. The purpose of Secure Shopping is to protect your sensitive online transactions from keyloggers, Trojans, and other dangerous snoops. When you’re about to visit a recognized shopping site, Comodo offers three choices.

You can open the site in a secured instance of your current browser. Or you can just proceed with your unsecured browser. As with the sandbox component’s Virtual Desktop, you can switch back and forth between the Secure Shopping Environment and the regular desktop. I found I could have both alternate desktops running at the same time!

However, there are significant differences. You run programs on the Virtual Desktop because you suspect they might be dangerous. All system changes made by such programs are sandboxed, meaning they’re not permanent. Once you empty the sandbox, those changes all go poof! The Secure Shopping Environment exists to insulate your sensitive online transactions from interference. Programs running in it are isolated from programs on the regular desktop. The help system points out that you may want to run email programs, instant messengers, even Microsoft Office programs in this environment.

Keyloggers and spy programs can’t capture keystrokes or screenshots. It also warns of hidden remote connections to your computer, and foils man-in-the-middle attacks. I couldn’t test those last two features, but checking keylogger protection was easy enough. I typed alternately in a secured browser and an unsecured browser. The keylogger caught nothing at all from the secured browser, as promised. Of course, you don’t have to use the whole environment to get browser protection. However, the list of known shopping sites is pitifully small, with just four entries: Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart.

You’ll want to add your favorite sites to the list. While you’re at it, add your banking and other financial sites. I still had that mindset going when I began this review, so I put it through my usual hands-on performance tests. The results were shocking enough that I re-imaged the test system, reran my baseline tests with no suite installed, and then repeated the tests after reinstalling Comodo.

That retest didn’t change the results.


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