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How Big Is Amazon’s Kindle Business? Morgan Stanley Takes a Crack at It.

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I mean, you paid some money, you got some content, and now you have it, just like any other book you buy at a brick-and-mortar store. Here’s what you need to know. Most importantly, Amazon would never be able to take those books away from you — you get to keep what you bought. By taking ownership over the books you paid for, you are doing something they specifically told you not to do.

I am not telling you to break the law, merely informing you about technology. Whatever you do or not do is your own responsibility. If you are a decent human being, I trust that you will not distribute the content you de-DRM. Last but not least: DRM is a cat-and-mouse game. This method works at the time of this writing, and may stop working tomorrow, as soon as Amazon change things.

Is DRM a necessary evil in this digital age, or is the model Read More in which he presents some compelling arguments explaining the problems and realities of digital rights management. Many of them are actually worse than Steam itself. With the right software you can overcome the file protections on your DVDs and watch them Read More.

A Kindle book or fifty you bought and now wish to actually own. These books should all be registered under your Amazon account for this to work. The Calibre eBook manager. Much has been written about this fantastic free application, and we have an entire manual dedicated to it, titled Open Book: Managing Your eBooks With Calibre.

The magic sauce: Download the ZIP and remember where you put it. To do this, click Archived Items within Kindle for PC, then right-click the book you wish to download, and pick Download: This is a very tedious process, because you have to manually download each and every Kindle file you own. Now we need to get at the actual files for these books. The files we care about are the AZW ones — these are the actual books.

So, now we have all of our DRM-protected files downloaded, and we know where they are. Next, install Calibre. I just dumped it in my Downloads directory: Next, launch Calibre and click Preferences: In the Preferences screen, click Plugins under Advanced: Calibre will now explain that installing plugins locally is a security risk.

So, click Yes, you do want to proceed. You should now get a success message: At least on my machine, this is the totality of what needs to be done to break DRM on Kindle books.

Now, open that folder, and open Calibre. Sort the folder by extension, and highlight all of your AZW files: Now go ahead and drag them onto the Calibre window. Calibre will now crunch some numbers, and add all of your books to its library. As it does this, it creates DRM-free copies of your books, which you can then convert to any other format you wish to use. Authors need you to buy their work so they can make a living. That said, I do think that when you buy something, it should be yours.

If you try it out, let me know in the comments how it went. Good luck!

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I don’t think there is a cracked version of kindle. In case you are wondering how to read pirated books on kindle just download the book (search file sharing sites where you can find almost all the popular books) in MOBI format and send the file to your kindle mail id. After we purchased Kindle Books from Amazon store, often they are with DRM protection. So it is necessary to crack kindle books by breaking.

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