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They recently updated the certificate and the authentication to SHA According to the CyberGhost website, they offer about cyberghost log in, servers in 60 different countries. It is not possible to see real-time server bandwidth loads on the website — only server status. However, you can see available bandwidth for every server directly in the VPN apps. In general, server loads seemed a little heavy, which may explain the performance issues noticed below.

Cyberghost Review

cyberghost log in

For purchases made via these links, we earn commissions that allow us to keep producing helpful content. To find out more click here. It boasts a vast range of handy features that are not so often found in its competitors and it provides great security and speeds and smooth performance.

Moreover, the VPN client is rather easy to use. When you open the client, you first have to choose the purpose of using a VPN, including torrenting, wi-fi protection, anonymous surfing, etc. You can also select their custom setting where you will find the menu with options to log in, activate a new key or upgrade your current account. You can choose a region and IP address to connect to. There are advanced settings too. Some more popular countries have multiple servers.

All users can choose to connect to whatever server they like, in any location they want, with unlimited data. This gives them plenty of flexibility, especially while traveling. Like with most VPNs, your speed will suffer a bit. However, this has nothing to do with CyberGhost. It is completely normal to experience somewhat slower speeds while using a VPN than when accessing the Internet without one.

That being said, we noticed only slight diminishment in speed during our tests and we had no problem streaming HD video content, without any annoying glitches.

CyberGhost is also pretty reliable and rarely disconnects. You will also be happy to know that it provides an Internet kill switch that shuts off all your Internet traffic in case something unexpected happens. However, the service also offers free proxy plugins for Chrome and Firefox, allowing users worldwide to easily encrypt their browser traffic.

This is rather praiseworthy, particularly since the plugins are available even in countries with Internet censorship, such as Turkey, the UAE, and Iran. The company uses military-grade bit AES encryption, which is currently the strongest on the market. Torrent users might be happy to hear that the service is P2P-friendly and even offers a special user profile designed to allow you to torrent anonymously.

CyberGhost offers another interesting feature and that is the possibility to pick and set preferred Wi-Fi connections and add them to your protected list. Once you do this, every time you connect to them, they will automatically run through the VPN and you will be secure.

The CyberGhost client gives you instant feedback regarding your IP address the assigned one , server location, malware, ads and online tracking. This gives you a lot of control over what is going on with your connection and it is also very convenient because all this information is stored in one place, easily accessible with just one click.

This provider offers some extra features that are rarely seen in other VPN services. All packages include unlimited bandwidth and an antifingerprinting system. The service offers free custom clients for Windows and Mac, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. However, the setup process for those two is somewhat complex for new users. The good thing is that the setup is perfectly explained in the knowledge base if you are willing to take the time to read the instructions.

CyberGhost offers excellent user privacy. They are very transparent when it comes to privacy matters, which is not that common among VPN providers. They also have live chat, but it is only available during eastern European working hours.

On the other hand, the customer service reps we have talked to while researching for this CyberGhost review have been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. CyberGhost also offers an extensive knowledge base that contains the answers to the most common questions, as well as various manuals. Another negative is that there is no peer support as CyberGhost decided to close down its forum at the end of Pricing Options.

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Directly after a new installation CyberGhost 7 for Windows starts with the Log-in screen: Whether or not you are an existing CyberGhost. Directly after a new installation CyberGhost 7 for Android starts with the Log-in screen: Whether or not you are an existing CyberGhost.

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Directly after a new installation CyberGhost 7 for iOS starts with the welcome screen: Depending on whether you already own a. Right after installing CyberGhost on your Android TV, the app starts with the Log- in screen. If you already have a paid subscription, you.

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Cyberghost log in