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PowerDirector specializes in speed, especially in bit Windows systems. It creates themes, cyberlink powerdirector 10 ultra download, slideshows, and 3D animated titles; supports end-to-end 4K and 3D; and bundles more than video-editing tools and many extras, including unlimited free templates and other resources, in the DirectorZone. Version 13’s improved MultiCam Editing auto-syncs more than cameras. Other PowerDirector bundles are available, too.

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cyberlink powerdirector 10 ultra download

Tweet Feature-packed and easy to use, CyberLink PowerDirector has always been one of the better consumer video editors. Full 3D editing support allows you to import 3D videos and photos, or convert 2D media to 3D, then enhance these with 3D effects, titles, transitions and more. New 2D effects include a time-lapse tool, or support for recording hand-drawn animations signing your name, say , and playing them back within a video.

And there are smarter audio tools, more video sharing options, and ease of use improvements, as well as speed boosts which could see movie rendering time cut in half. Sounds good. But how does the program behave in real life? We took a closer look. Four buttons at the top of the screen offer further guidance. By default the Edit option is selected, but you may also click Capture, to import media directly from DV or HDV camcorders, webcams, microphones and more; clicking Produce allows you to turn your movie into a video, or upload it online; and Create Disc presents a host of disc and menu authoring options.

In general, the interface is well-designed and easy-to-use, though, with tooltips and quality documentation to walk you through any initial problems. And some useful new additions will further simplify your life. Video clips on the timeline may now be displayed as continuous thumbnails, for instance, helping you see where scenes start and end. Right-clicking the timeline ruler at a particular point allows you to add a custom-named timeline marker “At the beach”. Other media files snap to these, making it easier to precisely position your content.

And similarly, the new Automatic Beat Detection tool can analyze a soundtrack and add its own timeline markers to highlight major changes, helping you synchronize effects and transitions with your music. Not a problem: This is genuine end-to-end 3D editing, then. Most of the 3D effects are nothing special, though; and some of the 3D options are a little hidden, so it can take a while to figure out what you need to do. The “Metallic” option allows you to set the base metal colour, and provides 5 other attributes you can tweak via sliders.

A pity, but the 10 new Art Effects are welcome anyway, and this does at least hold some promise for future developments. Elsewhere, the Slideshow Creator wizard has a new time-lapse style. And in a useful creative touch, the Picture-in-Picture Objects room has been extended with new Paint Animations, allowing you to record hand-drawn animations and include them in the video. Or you could capture a dynamic clip of your signature gradually appearing, save this as a PiP object, then just drag and drop it onto the end of everything you create: Startup time proved excellent on our Intel Core i7 test PC running bit Windows 7 , for instance, at 5.

New OpenCL support means that effects preview and rendering now benefits from GPU-based hardware acceleration, and this can have impressive results. Simply joining 4 full HD MP4 clips took Other Features There are plenty of other new features in PowerDirector 10, too.

Launch the program, for instance, and you have the option to choose one of three editing modes: Much more usefully, heading into the Audio Mixing Room now reveals a button which can normalize the volume of multiple audio files in a click: The performance improvements alone are enough to justify moving to PowerDirector 10, then.

And the new 3D support will be a welcome bonus to many. But even if we ignore those, there are plenty of other smaller tweaks which provide new creative possibilities and will help to make you just a little more productive.

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The download version of CyberLink PowerDirector 10 is comprised of three But if you have the Ultra or Deluxe version of PowerDirector 8, 9, you will be asked. Does CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra/Deluxe version run on Windows bit/ bit OS? Yes. Both CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra and Deluxe versions are .

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Cyberlink powerdirector 10 ultra download