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If they need an update, then Iobit Driver Booster 6 can obtain the correct driver form their database online and install it effortlessly. Iobit Driver Booster 6 with its new attractive interface. It can support more than 1, drivers. Iobit Driver Booster 6 key crack can keep our outdated, faulty, missing drivers driver booster free license key game components always easily and correctly updated. Iobit Driver Booster 6 supports automatically installing drivers and components while our PC is on hibernate.

Driver Booster 6.3.0 License Key & Crack Full Free Download

driver booster free license key

By solving these driver issues, it keeps your PC away from system crash, BSOD, no audio, bad resolution, network failure, etc. Besides, the brand new feature -Boost in Driver Booster 6 offers very easy solutions for ultimate gaming experience and top system performance. Windows A valid license key is required to activate the PRO version.

You can click here to purchase one. Already have one but forgot? Go here to get it back. Or visit here for step-by-step activation guidance with screenshots. Update Driver Booster PRO users can always enjoy the latest version automatically with the Update automatically checkbox ticked by default in the Settings.

Click the icon on the top left and select Check for Updates. Right-click the icon in the system tray, and select Check for Updates. Driver Booster 6 supports updating the following: Game Component update is only available in the PRO edition.

So if you are a PRO user, you may see Game Components outdated and can update them to the latest versions. You can STOP the scan and re-scan at any time you want.

By default, Driver Booster 6 scans automatically when it’s launched. Go to Settings to disable automatic scan if you dislike it. Scan Result You can see the total quantity of outdated device drivers and outdated game components that need to update in the top of the scan results screen. Scan result depends on your PC condition.

And Driver Booster 6 scans for 4 issues: Outdated drivers, dates of both the current version and available version are provided. Missing drivers, the current status is “Missing Driver”. Faulty drivers, the current status is “Faulty “.

Not installed game component, the current status is “Not Installed”. Update Drivers You can follow either of the methods below to start the update: Click Update Now on the top right to update all selected drivers. Click Update at the right side of each driver line to update drivers one by one.

Generally, there are 3 stages for driver update: Download drivers. With breakpoint resume technology, you are allowed to stop anytime and it will continue the download next time instead of starting over again.

Create a restore point ‘Automatically create a system restore point before a driver is installed’ is ticked by default in Settings.

Install the downloaded drivers. For PRO users, there may be one more stage — automatically back up a driver before it is installed. Check it in Settings: The time needed for the update depends on driver size and download speed. You can choose Automatically reboot PC or Automatically shut down PC on the updating screen, and click the icon on the top right to minimize the whole window, then leave it and forget it. After it’s completed, you will get a countdown message to reboot PC or shut down PC accordingly.

Boost Driver Booster 6 adds a new module Boost which offers two features: Game Boost and System Optimize. Or you can click the Configure text link and select the items you want to end to boost your game performance. And you can click the Turn Off button to turn off Game Boost at any time. System Optimize System Optimize helps clean up junk files, privacy traces and redundant registry entries, optimize your internet speed and system with the all-in-one product Advanced SystemCare.

If you haven’t installed Advanced SystemCare yet, clicking the Optimize button will guide you to install Advanced SystemCare for further optimization. Or click the Details text link to view all the items can be optimized. Tools Driver Booster 6 provides you with 7 useful tools: Besides that, the tool Rescue Center can backup drivers, restore your drivers and restore your system to a previous good status.

You can use these tools anytime by clicking the icon on the left side of the main interface and clicking the tool you need. Unplugged devices are those flagged with the icon in the driver list, which means they are not plugged into your PC at this moment. It is not a ‘problem’ and needs no ‘fix’. But, if you are sure you won’t use them anymore, click the button, and select Uninstall to uninstall them one by one.

If there are too many good-for-nothing unplugged devices, you can click the tool Clean Unplugged Device Data to remove the unplugged devices’ data in bulk. You can also click the Ignore text link to keep the device data and clean the rest by clicking the Clean button. Clean Unplugged Device Data will remove the unplugged device data only.

The unplugged devices are still installed on your computer. When you plug them again, you can use them without any problems. Action Center Click the icon to open Action Center and learn more about how the other recommended well-known IObit products can help you with your computer. If you haven’t installed them yet, it’s strongly recommended that you click the Install now button to install them. If you are using Driver Booster Pro, you can also find an exclusive offer for Driver Booster Premium users only to purchase other IObit programs and IObit trusted Partners’ products at a very considerable discount here.

Clicking Hide at the top can keep the recommended programs out of sight if you are not interested in them. Auto Driver Update Note: You can check it in the Settings. If the ‘Automatically update drivers while the system is idle’ option is ticked, Driver Booster 6 will automatically ‘download’ the updates or ‘download and install’ the updates in the background when your system is idle.

Restore Driver Updates To minimize the bad effect of any unexpected issues caused by driver updates, Driver Booster 6 provides 3 strategies for easily repair: Driver Roll Back In the scanning result window of Driver Booster 6, you can click the button at the end of every listed outdated driver, and select Roll Back if it is available to roll back the driver to its previous version.

And you can also click the version link Available or Current to open Drivers Details window to check whether you can roll back the driver to its previous version. Driver Backup and Driver Restore Note: Click the icon on the left side of the main interface and open Rescue Center. If there is any driver version available for backup, it will be listed under Driver Backup tab.

To back up them, just tick the checkbox before them and click the Back Up button. Backup Version indicates the version you backed up for that driver while Current Version means the driver version you installed at present. If you find Current Version is newer than Backup Version, you can back up that driver again to its latest installed version.

In Driver Restore tab, you can select the driver you want to restore and click the Restore button to re-install the backed up the previous version. System Restore Note: Restoring system will undo all changes made after that restore point. Driver Booster 6 supports manually creating or removing restore points. Driver Booster 6 creates a restore point before updating the driver by default. Choose a restore point according to Date and Time or Description to restore the system to the previous good state.

Ignore Unwanted Updates If there is any driver you don’t want to update, you can click the button at the right side of a driver line, and select Ignore to ignore this update for that driver. After selecting Ignore, you will see the following confirm window. You can choose either Ignore this update only or Ignore all updates of this device. The ignored drivers won’t be scanned for the corresponding updates until you recover them from the Ignored list in Settings: Driver Update History Click the icon at the top left of the main interface and select Driver Update History to check what operation you did about your drivers and components with Driver Booster.

Configure UI icon, you will see the Skin options at the bottom left of the popup window. Configure the Program Click the icon, select Settings…, configure each function as per your needs, and never forget to click OK to save the changes. Clicking Recommended can restore to default settings. Technical Support Every feedback from you is valued. To ensure you can reach us in time, we provide several feedback channels: Make sure your Email address is correct, choose a proper Request Type, and specify your feedback in Description.

Besides, it will be very helpful if you can click the icon to send us screenshots of the related error messages if any. In Feedback, it will intelligently provide you with a proper solution as per the Request Type you select.

The following picture is an example.

Download and update drivers automatically for smoother gaming and more stable PC performance

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Driver Booster PRO 6 License Key is a driver updating software, created with the most efficient driver update technologies of IObit. IObit Driver Booster PRO License Key is a PC software that is useful will continuously keep Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10; 1 GB of free disk space Required .

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Driver booster free license key