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Sentencing and Prison Laws Video President Trump announced his support for a proposal by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to substantially rewrite sentencing and prison laws. The tentative legislative package, developed by a bipartisan group of senators and called the First Step Act, builds on a prison overhaul bill already passed overwhelmingly by the House by adding changes that would begin to unwind some of the tough-on-crime federal policies of the s and s that incarcerated African-American offenders at much higher rates than white offenders.

Combining new funding for anti-recidivism programs, the expansion of early-release credits for prisoners and the reduction of certain mandatory minimum sentences, the compromise bill would help shape the experiences of tens of thousands of current inmates and future offenders.

Trump, flanked by Republican lawmakers and law enforcement officials. Some people got caught up in situations that were very bad. Trump added. The changes have attracted a broad and unusual range of supporters, including the billionaire brothers Charles G. Koch on the right and the American Civil Liberties Union on the left. Liberals have long opposed the current sentencing laws for what they see as having unfairly incarcerated a generation of young men, particularly African-American men, for drug and other nonviolent offenses.

But even with Mr. Trump on board, proponents must now compete with a rapidly closing window to move a complicated bill with broad implications for the criminal justice system. As of Wednesday morning, many senators had not yet even seen a draft of the bill, and some conservatives were thought to be firmly against it.

Liberals have their own reasons to be disappointed because most of the proposed sentencing changes have not been made retroactive, drastically limiting their effect. McConnell had previously pledged to take up the bill if it had at least 60 senators supporting it. Trump on Tuesday. The president was initially noncommital but later offered a firmer yes, according to administration and congressional officials briefed on the meeting.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers first mounted a serious and more expansive criminal justice overhaul in Ryan and a cross section of lawmakers in both parties and appeared destined for success.

Image A prison in Twin Falls, Idaho, where the inmate population is steadily increasing. School of Law and a frequent Trump critic on policy. Judges would also have greater freedom to use so-called safety valves to sidestep mandatory minimums in some cases.

And the bill would clarify that the so-called stacking mechanism making it a federal crime to possess a firearm while committing another crime, like a drug offense, should apply only to individuals who have previously been convicted.

It would also extend retroactively a reduction in the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine signed into law in , which could affect thousands of drug offenders serving lengthy sentences for crack-cocaine offenses, which were dealt with far more harshly than the same crimes involving powder cocaine.

That disparity hit black Americans hard while letting many white drug dealers off with lighter punishments. The other half of the proposed bill creates a package of incentives and new programs aimed at improving prison conditions and preparing prisoners for re-entry into their communities. It would require the Justice Department to create a risk and need assessment system to nudge prisoners toward better outcomes.

And it would expand time credits that reward good behavior and create new ones for participating in job-training and other programs that allow offenders to reduce their time behind bars. The legislation would also improve conditions for incarcerated women, prohibiting the shackling of female inmates while pregnant, and would require the Bureau of Prisons to locate prisoners in facilities close to their homes, if possible.

But powerful pockets of opposition remain among some law enforcement officials and conservative lawmakers — like Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas — who argue that sentencing changes like those proposed pose a risk to public safety.

However, they lost a powerful ally within the administration when Mr. Trump fired his attorney general , Jeff Sessions, last week. Whitaker, has signaled that he is more open to the changes. Trump himself is leery of appearing weak on crime, and he has been susceptible to arguments from opponents of a sentencing overhaul that endorsing one could arm his critics.

Still, Mr. In his remarks on Wednesday, Mr. Trump tried to address both points, saying that the legislation would be tougher on hardened criminals. But in a reference to the tough-on-crime policies embraced by President Bill Clinton, Mr. Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is expected to quickly introduce the legislation and ramp up his lobbying efforts in the coming days.

On Twitter, Mr. Trump and Mr. Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. Those concessions could cost some support from liberal lawmakers, who want to hold out for a more expansive sentencing rewrite. Speaker Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, a vocal advocate of such changes, committed to putting the compromise on the House floor in a lame-duck session that began on Tuesday if Mr. Trump endorsed it and it can clear the Senate. Ryan said in a statement. A version of this article appears in print on , on Page A1 of the New York edition with the headline:


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