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Elfster is definitely a fun-looking website, and works hard to create the festive excitement elfster draw names a elfster draw names exchange with friendly emails inviting you to join the exchange, a bright pink site, pictures of elves and more. Elfster draw names you sign up I did this after responding to my invite email to join this specific gift exchange you get a personal Elfster profile, which means you can take part in multiple gift exchanges using the same profile. Ah the wishlist. I think this is simply supposed to be a source of inspiration for your Santa pairings, but somehow on Elfster the wishlist seems to have evolved into a full Pinterest-style system of linking to specific products you like. Depending on how active you are on Elfster this could very easily end up as a very long list indeed!

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elfster draw names

Helpful Tips to Get Started With Your Secret Santa Gift Exchange Meghan Langseder Well, business has sure picked up for the elves over the past few weeks and that means the much-anticipated holidays are just around the corner! Time to get your wish lists in order and start inviting friends and family to join you in the fun of a Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started with organizing your own gift exchange. Getting Started: New to Elfster? First things first — create an account. Another option is to click the Facebook logo from the Elfster homepage to allow you to connect to Elfster using your Facebook account.

Family members may all share an email address for their accounts since each account will have its own username and password. Gather friends and family from near and far for an online extravaganza! Creating a new Gift Exchange for this year? Get started in a few simple steps. The people you invite to your exchange will all automatically be added to a newly-created Group that will remain accessible in your account for future use.

Emails will then be generated to the group to allow them to RSVP to your exchange. Are you part of a large online community? An Elfster exchange is a great way to get to know each other and we make it easy to invite friends. Managing Your Gift Exchange. Elf hats off to you for organizing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange! We know things can be a little tricky sometimes when you are in charge, but here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you better manage your group.

We are here to make things easy for you! Need to change an email address for a member of your group? You will first need to go to the Participants page in your exchange. They will then be able to go into their account to update their email address. Need to include people who have not responded to the invitation?

If you do not see that option, it means they need to add information to their account and will need to RSVP in order to complete that information required to participate in the exchange. Need to prevent people from drawing one another ie. Need to know how names are drawn for the exchange? Names are drawn by the Elfster system automatically on the day after the date you have selected as your deadline to participate, unless you have selected to not have names drawn by Elfster. Remember — only those who have accepted the invitation will be included in the draw, so be sure everyone has done that before you draw names.

Need to include a latecomer? Once they are invited, their name will appear in a yellow box, but you will need to draw a name for the latecomers. Need to delete an unwanted exchange? We hope these helpful tips will get you started with your Secret Santa gift exchange.

Elfster makes it easy, free, and fun! Need help? You can reach us at help elfster. Tweet us elfster or catch us on Instagram at elfster.

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It’s Fast, Easy & Free; Never Draw Yourself (or a Spouse); Share Wish Lists For Elfster’s online Secret Santa allows you to draw names so quickly and easily. If everyone has already been included before that date, you can click to “Draw Names” at any time you’d like and participants will be notified by.

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Elfster is dedicating to delivering excellent service to our guests. FAQ. Do you have a question about drawing names online? Check below to find answers to frequently asked questions. Lost link. I lost the link to my Wish list.

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Elfster draw names