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No products in the cart. This new version of EZdrummer brings plenty new features and innovations. We are extremely proud to not only introduce a breakthrough in drum production software, but at the same time renew the whole EZdrummer Line. Tap to find your groove Add percussion on the fly Ezdrummer 2 free any ezdrummer 2 free in real-time Write an entire drum track without leaving the program Two sound libraries with five 5 kits in total Powerful audio engine EZdrummer 2 introduces several features when working with MIDI drum grooves.

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ezdrummer 2 free

By Paul White Have Toontrack improved their popular EZdrummer software without compromising its fundamental ‘easy’ approach? Several of the Sound On Sound staff, myself included, are regular users of Toontrack’s EZdrummer, mainly because it does just about everything you might need without the complexity of Toontrack’s flagship Superior Drummer. The ‘EZ’ in the American sense part comes from the simplified user interface, the learning curve of which is so flat you could climb it in carpet slippers.

What’s New? Fortunately, despite the added functionality, EZdrummer still remains ‘easy’ — and if you simply want to carry on using it much as before, you can jump right in and then explore the new elements at your leisure. The original EZdrummer will remain on sale only as long as boxed copies last in the stores, and of course these can be upgraded free of charge.

This limitation, thankfully, no longer exists in version 2. These ‘engine room’ improvements all happen behind the scenes and require no input from the user. Apparently the designers considered using bit libraries, but found no advantage over bit samples, which are dithered by the natural noise floor. One advantage of putting your drum parts together within the EZdrummer 2 Song Creator window, though, is that there is now the option to mix and match elements from different MIDI loops: As before, you can click on any drum in the kit view to hear it, or use the drop-down menu on the drum head to chose from alternate sounds, and these same menus can now be used to navigate to the components in other expansion kits.

New in the drop-down drum part menus are velocity and tuning controls for the respective drums and cymbals, as well as an area that lets you click to play all the different velocity articulations.

The main menu button accesses MIDI settings and the manual, as well as mapping presets for popular electronic drum kits, including Roland’s V-Drums. If you already have the original EZdrummer, its included kits also show up in EZdrummer 2, as do any existing EZX expansion kits, though I’m told by Toontrack that the entire line of EZXs are due to be modernised with completely new effect chains and graphics optimised for EZdrummer 2.

Drums View EZdrummer 2’s main screen can be switched to provide four different views by using tabs labelled Drums, Browser, Search and Mixer, while the song track where you can assemble your own song parts is always visible at the bottom of the screen. You can either set your own tempo or click the Follow Host button. To the right of the screen are the small percussion windows, where you can add things like cowbell, claps, shakers and tambourines.

There are also velocity-dependent articulations for the shakers and tambourines. According to the designers, the percussion pads are ‘a bit special’ when it comes to how they handle MIDI. The groove library will look familiar to existing EZdrummer users, with categories for styles, time signatures, intros, fills and so on. There are also style filters that allow you to browse loops by genre, which is important given that there can be tens of thousands of MIDI loops in there if you have all the expansion kits installed.

You can build up your template pattern in layers, including adding an open or closed hi-hat, and everything gets neatly quantised.

EZdrummer 2 then lists the library grooves that are similar in some way, in order of how well they match up. This part of the program works extremely well, and even where its choices might not be exactly what you’re looking for, they’re often close enough to edit.

User loops or edited library loops may then be stored in the user area for future use. Loops may be shortened, copied and moved to leave spaces if needed, but there’s no piano-roll editor, so anything more surgical needs to be done in your DAW. In fact there The mixer now includes its own effects. When these are applied to the mixed output, some clever behind-the-scenes intelligence applies them proportionally to the different sources, so you’ll generally get what you intended without having to delve into the details yourself.

Clicking the menu arrow to the right in the Power Hand sign makes it possible to choose between all the different articulations for the selected instrument. Percussion elements can be turned on or off and, like the other drums, also respond to the Amount and Velocity controls available on that page to make them more or less busy. You can also set what type of cymbal hit should introduce the loop, but if you don’t want one you can turn it off by clicking the orange ‘power button’ on the Opening Hit sign.

That means you can, for example, simplify just the ride-cymbal pattern or the added percussion without changing the rest of the loop, if that’s all that’s needed. The MIDI data in the track view is updated as you edit, so if you drag loops or songs to your DAW without saving first, you still get the benefits of any edits you’ve done.

Thanks to the built-in mixer, the former is often all that you need. Depending on which preset you choose, the same kit can sound very different, as the presets also include different drum decay times.

There’s also pitch control for the drum heads and the cymbals, as well as variable mic bleed. Vintage-style kits usually have fewer mics, to reflect how drums were recorded ‘back in the day’. Even so, the processors have very few controls usually just one or two each , so using them is extremely straightforward. In all, EZdrummer 2’s core libraries include 29 different user-controllable effects chain presets. The presence of Not sure which loop to audition?

Tap out your basic rhythm and Tap2Find will show you the ones that match. Another big bonus, at least for me, is that the Roland drum mapping now allows my V-Drum hi-hats to produce usable results with EZdrummer 2, and though all the finer nuances of hi-hat pressure seem to be ignored, at least the open, closed and pedal modes now translate correctly. Similarly, the work that has gone into categorising all the loops in the loop browser must have kept somebody very busy, but it has paid off in making it much easier to find loops that will work together in the same song.

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