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Passwords are perhaps the weakest links in the cyber-security chain; if they’re complex enough to be secure, you probably won’t be able to remember them. Add the fact that every other site seems to require a password, and it’s easy to see why far too many people end up using one or two simple passwords that are easy to remember, and easy to crack, fb password hacker v4 2 free download. You can write your passwords down on a piece of paper that you can look for and fail to find when you need it, or you can download and install this program. Password Cracker downloads as a compressed file but runs as soon as you click the unzipped program file.

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fb password hacker v4 2 free download

Having somewhere around a billion users worldwide, the Facebook community as a whole offers cyber criminals a huge chance for scamming their way to obtaining accounts owned by other people. Hackers are getting better It really is easy to fall victim to the cyber criminals on Facebook, nevertheless there are some things you can do to defend yourself.

Many of them are simply basic common sense and we will list a couple of them here: Guard your login details Before everything else, never interact with a post on your wall or even in your news feed asking you to click a website link in order to verify your account details or give your login information.

Facebook will never request this kind of info in a public post. Why would they need to? Malicious apps Next to remember is to mainly add applications that you truly trust.

Facebook apps are capable of doing a variety of stuff for instance creating posts on your wall and contacting your contacts privately. Aim to minimize the access of the apps you add. Primarily allow them to read from your account and never let them post etc.

Even if the app is not really coded by a malicious user it could nonetheless turn out to be very annoying for your friends hence primarily add applications which you truly trust.

Phishing emails Another important thing is, always be suspicious of e-mail messages that seem to have been sent to you from Facebook itself. By no means click a hyperlink that links to Facebook which arrived to you through an e-mail. Instead, log on to Facebook through Facebook and take a look at the notifications to determine if the thing outlined in the email truly took place. It is best if you remember that e mail is one of the most insecure approaches there is for communicating on the web!

Something which is becoming more and more common on Fb nowadays is strange links that pop-up on your own wall. Because something is posted by your friend does not imply you always should trust it as harmless. The account of your friend may have been compromised. The easiest way to test whether your friend truly shared the link is to call him by phone and have him confirm it. Exclusively make them confirm that the update comes from them when you feel the status update is distrustful or is unlike their other messages.

If you learn that your contact actually got compromised then be sure to ask them to switch the password of their account ASAP. If you find something suspicious then do yourself a favor and get rid of it from your profile. Here are a few points to look out for: You may take advantage of this by examining how old the Facebook account sending the friend request is. If it is a newly created FB account then simply never accept it.

What do the photos in the profile look like? Do they seem to be images that might be shot in the course of a typical life or were they possibly acquired from another website online for instance a free-to-use picture webpage? Always be mainly suspicious when the photos are revealing pics of a attractive woman. The cracker will usually make an attempt to promote his malware web-sites thru his fraudulent Fb profile.

And so the activity of the profile will often be filled with links and advertisements unlike the profile of a real human being. I hope you learned something from this short article and hopefully you found the information valuable. Facebook is a wonderful place but exactly like anything else it should be visited cautiously. Conclusion Throughout this text we outlined several methods that malicious users use to gain access to a Fb account.

Bear in mind that other techniques exist and the ultimate way to remain protected is to use good judgment when visiting the web in general. Exposing your facebook to other people is putting your account and even yourself at risk because your account is likely to be hacked.

Never trust someone to access your account. This is the similar case with facebook. May be they post some naughty stuff on facebook. And for you to keep a clear name of yourself, better block such individuals.

This is the password that is normally sent to you as a text message but it normally expire after 20minutes. But for you to get this, you have to link your cell number with your facebook. Block apps that require your information If you happen to have installed an app on facebook andmay be the app requires you to submit your personal information, simply block it. With the improved technology, the app might show your information to someone who in turn might use it to hack your account.

Control those who can access your account This is another way of keeping your facebook safe. Make sure that only your friends are able to access your account.

Exposing your account to public is putting your account at risk of being hacked. No one is willing to expose everything to everyone and this should reflect also to managing your account.

Set up login notifications Just like a phone call or a text message, setting login notifications will help you to keep your account safe. This notification is able to alert you in case someone is trying to access your account.

The unauthorized person will do so using another device or computer. You can set this using the security feature on your account.

Limit people who can access your profile basing on your email address You can limit people who can contact or find you by either using your email address or your telephone number. For you to set these, use the privacy setting. You can also be able to change to friends or friends of friends. Most of the times, we have complained of insecurity on facebook, account being hacked but who is exactly to be blamed if you are not the one? You are the first person to take care of your facebook.

The small things that we do ignore are the ones that are putting our accounts at risk of being hacked. Take responsibility and keep your account safe. Despite many having the privilege of connecting with other new friend via this social platform, there have been cases where there are people who hack others accounts and they become the owner of the hacked accounts. Many have been left breathless after connecting with more than 3k friends but you can prevent this behavior by simply knowing the steps that hackers use being in a position to prevent them.

Phishing This is one way that hackers use to hack faceook accounts. They create fake web pages which they use to get information from the account owner. Though many users currently are now aware of this trick, but for those who are still new to facebook can prevent this by checking the URL before they login to their accounts.

This is the best and efficient method that you can use. Alternatively, if you use a good antivirus software, it can alert you about this phishing page.

Sniffing A hacker normally hacks the session in progress by connecting the saver and that of the client and they pretend to be the receiver. If you logout, the hacker is also logged out, but you can prevent this by using a protected SSL secured connection.

Secured sniff SSL connections prevents the attacker from hacking your account. Always be on the look with your URL. If the http: Social engineering This is another method that attackers use to hack victims accounts. The hacker simply sends an appealing and convincing mail which fools victims to provide their passwords. However, this might not be easy to convince someone to give their passwords because many people are aware passwords are not to be shared at all.

For you to prevent all these, never give out your password. Any mail that you might receive asking you to give your password, never trust them in any way. This is an advanced method that attackers are using where they send an infected saver to the victim.

Upon receiving the infected saver, the saver will open the backdoor of the victims PC allowing the attacker to do everything that he wants on the account of the victim This method of hacking is somehow technical especially to the attackers because it can be detected by an effective antivirus.

Therefore, hackers must always look for a means to protect it from being detected. Also make sure your PC is secured by an effective antivirus.

These are some of the methods that a Facebook password hacker might be using to get the accounts of victims. Being aware of each and knowing how to prevent is just one thing that you should do in order to keep your facebook safe.

Make sure you keep your account safe. You may come across a number of videos, pictures, statues, check-ins and what not when you use this social platform and it is a huge world comprising of a number of people now.

The popularity being enjoyed by this network has served a number of trusted users, whereas at the same time the eyes of the hackers are also looking for a victim to attack on most of the time.

The use of the Facebook is where increasing drastically, the rate of hacking has also been increasing. These hackers have made the life of a number of Facebook users a miserable one and many of such people are being tortured for some or the other reason by these hackers on a regular basis.

However, the most important thing to consider soon after creating your Facebook account is to take precautionary measures for its protection. Change Passwords Regularly Passwords being the only means of entering into a Facebook account shall not remain the same for a longer period of time. People having the same password for years and years are at a high risk of losing their Facebook account in the hands of hackers. Select an Unpredictable Secret Question and Answer Always make sure that you have selected a completely crazy or unpredictable secret question and the answer which has no reality in it and has no concern for your personal life.

Usually people losing their accounts in hacking are the ones who end up choosing a reality based answer to the secret question. Do Not Click Irrelevant Ads or Links These days you may come across a number of ads and links appearing over the website and prompting you to click, these ads and links most of the times are fake links which lead to hacking.

These links when clicked usually end up having access to your Facebook account and you tend to lose control over your account within seconds. Further than this many people leave their computers unlocked as well keeping their Facebook accounts logged in which leads to a high chance of hacking by a colleague at the workplace or a class fellow at school.

So, always ensure that you log out your account while leaving your computer. It is always suggested taking as many precautions as possible while using these social networking websites and in such a situation the best choice is to avoid providing your personal details over this website as the major precautionary measure.

However, despite of the fact you provide your personal information or not you must always keep the points discussed above in mind so that you may protect yourself from a regretful situation. Some people are self-confessed Facebook addicts who literally log-in 24 hours a day using a multitude of devices — smartphones, tablets and laptops. Logging in for pro-longed periods on many devices opens up your account to chances of getting hacked.

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