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Filmora is a solid app that gives you the features and styles that have been previously only available to professional film makers that have a certain level of experience and the expensive applications to match. Filmora has a simple drag and drop interface, which gives you the freedom to be artistic with the story that you want filmora action cam tool create. Key features: Still and motion graphic support Unique visual effects: Speed control:

Instant Cutter

filmora action cam tool

Different modes allow you to more effectively deal with specific problems Inexpensive alternative to more professional software Cons of Filmora Not powerful enough to suit the needs of professional editors Requires closing the software to change modes Missing advanced features like closed captioning and multicam Features of Filmora A video editing platform designed for everyone Offers four different editing modes Rich with easy-to-implement effects and overlays Filmora Reviews by grex about Filmora on July 17, Wondershare has long been recognized as one of the most reliable brands in the Mac space due to the popularity of their data backup and PDF editing software, but their newest product, Filmora, is moving into bold new territory.

Wondershare has long trucked in business applications, but Filmora is dedicated to providing an open and accessible approach to video editing software that’s accessible to newcomers but also equipped to handle the needs of veterans. It works for the most part, but Wondershare sacrifices some of the deeper and more modern features professional video editors might expect in pursuit of that accessibility.

When you first boot up the program, you’re given four modes to choose from. Easy Mode is a great appetizer for people new to video editing, but it can also be a quick way to clean up a video for more advanced users. All you have to do is upload your clips, pick a theme and music, and let Filmora do the heavy lifting for you.

But most people probably aren’t looking for editing software that’s quite so automated, and that’s where the other modes come in. Action Cam provides you with the tools you commonly need when working with something like a Handicam, putting fix, speed, and color tools front and center so you can polish up the chaos necessitated by more action-oriented camerawork.

Instant cutter is a slightly more advanced version of easy mode, allowing you to quickly and messily cut together footage. While it’s value is specialized, it’s nice to have a tool that can get the quick and dirty work done efficiently without having to dig through a whole pile of menus.

Having these different modes is nice, but you can’t swap between them on a whim. Changing to a different mode requires closing out and reopening the software. Fortunately, most users will likely spend the majority of their time in the full editor. This is the main course, and it will look familiar to most people who have used video editing software before.

Ease of use is one of the big selling points here, and Wondershare really sticks the landing on that front. While the user interface isn’t particularly well made for touch screens, traditional desktop users will find little difficulty navigating the menus. A neatly paneled structure offers access to your video, your timeline, and whatever set of tools you’re using at the time, and everything is clean and clearly displayed without creating unnecessary clutter.

Both a timeline and a storyboard view are included in Filmora, and all the basic tools you’d expect to be there work as you could predict. A magnetic timeline ensures that there’s never empty space in your finished video, and the ability to create special effects are a simple and painless process. While Filmora likely won’t replace more robust software in the library of professional editors, it’s a great way for aspiring editors to learn the basics or for the casual user just looking for a quick and simple editing tool.

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In the Lens Correction menu, select your action camera model from the Select To access the color correction tools in Filmora9 for Mac, double click on the. This is an especially useful tool if you’re working with high resolution videos, like 4K action camera footage, because those file sizes tend to be larger.

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How to use Action Cam Tool in Filmora Video Editor. The Action Cam Tool is a toolbox designed for action cam users to help fix and edit your high-res videos easily and quickly!.

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Filmora action cam tool