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Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used to record video while playing your favourite game. Last update 3 Sep. That’s maybe because I tend to notice only the bad things from a software or maybe because I know that there should be a better one undiscovered yet. One of these examples, that really surprised me was Fraps.

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fraps windows 8 1 download

Fraps is not like other screen recording apps as it is best suited for game-play recording. I noticed that this software can not start recording unless it detects a game is running either in full screen or windowed. Fraps comes in a free and paid version and the features you have access to depend on the one you choose to work with.

This Fraps review will give you a deeper insight on the features that you are empowered with once you decide to use it. I am not sure whether any further development of Fraps has been going since the last changelog on the official website is dated back on February Despite that, Fraps has a ton of features to offer to fit as a good screencasting tool.

The most outstanding feature with Fraps is the ability to indicate the frame rate on the screen in real time during game-play. You get detailed information regarding the frame rate using the fully packed FPS statistics option and in addition an option to stop benchmarking automatically after a period of your choice. To use the FPS feature, an overlay is provided to allow you to display the current FPS value real-time on any corner of your choice and also opt whether to update the value once every second or continuously.

Both the benchmarking and overlay features are backed up by customizable hotkeys for fast implementation. When it comes to the actual screen recording, Fraps provides several options with the first being a customizable saving directory for your recorded videos.

You can at any time change the directory to where you have enough storage space. A customizable hotkey is available for you to use when you need to start recording once the game is up and running. Regarding the frame rate, Fraps lets you choose from 60, 50, 30 and even a custom frame rate of your preference.

Better yet, you will be able to lock the framerate to a constant value at the click of a button. Half-size — This means that Fraps will output the recording at half the resolution of the game screen. Sound capture is also not left out in Fraps. This system sound is mostly the sound coming from the game being played although you are not limited in case you need to include sound from external input like the microphone.

You just need to select the external input device to use and you will be ready to record once you have enabled the option. An interesting feature is that you will be able to set a custom key such that external input in only recorded when the set key is pressed. Fraps is able to capture system sound in either stereo or even multichannel format. If need be, you are also free to show or hide the mouse cursor on the video.

Since Fraps saves the recording in AVI format, the output size can be very huge meaning you need to have enough storage space depending on how long you intend the recording to be. Else, you can use a video converter that will compress the video to a considerable and shareable size. On top of that, Fraps let you split the recording after every 4 Gigabytes instead of having one single huge file. Fraps is not left behind when it comes to dealing with screenshots. Some other similar software will miss this feature but Fraps even gives you extra control to what you will be able to achieve with snapshots.

You are provided with a customizable saving directory and a hotkey for instant capturing. We have talked about fps overlay previously and in the snapshots also you can decide whether to include the frame rate at the time of taking the screenshot. If you want to take continuous screenshots, you can just set an interval after which you just need to press the hotkey to stop the process.

However, it is good to note that with the free version you will be able to only save the snapshots in BMP format. Free Fraps version comes will enable you to make a recording by the limitations are too much. Why do I say this? First of all is the fact that you can not make a recording of more than 30 seconds. These second videos are watermarked by the manufacturer and you can not use the loop recording feature. When recording the screen, the full-size recording is not available in the free version.

Once you cough a sum of 33 euros you get to join the members club where you enjoy all the features including free updates. The final decision on the Fraps version to use ultimately falls on you as the user. Based on what you want to achieve, the version to go for will be crystal clear. This is no ordinary screen recorder as it will not record the normal usage but only games. That means, unless you are a gamer, you have to look for an alternative screen recorder for other kinds of recordings.

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Fraps windows 8 1 download