September 9, Dimitris Tonias Hardware Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop PC, sometimes you might need to know the exact model of the motherboard. Say that you want to upgrade the hardware, or you want to find the respective drivers online, the first step is to find out what the exact motherboard model is. At first, the basics. These are the manuals of your computer. But yeah, you have not kept them.

Find Motherboard Model in Linux

how can i know my motherboard model

There are few ways by which you can find the details about motherboard from the windows inbuilt utility. There is also some third party free software which can help you find not only the motherboard information but also about the other vital parts of the system. So whether you want to upgrade the system or need some driver updates, finding a motherboard number is easy by following these simple tricks.

You can also find the details about other computer hardware components under the components heading. Dxdiag The DirectX diagnostic tool is widely used to find the information about DirectX components and other drivers installed on your system.

It also gives the details about the motherboard type and its model number. Press Windows key and R keys on the keyboard and type dxdiag in the run window to open the direct X screen. Right click on the start menu and open command prompt. Now type the following command wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serialnumber You can also copy the above command and paste it in front of C: It gives you detailed information of all the hardware parts of the system.

You can select motherboard, RAM , graphics and other parts to get the details. Download for Android Speccy If you are eager to know the installed parts of the computer or laptop, this is the best software you can rely upon.

You can either look at the summary or go deep into each hardware component. It also helps you resolve many issues related to overheating since it displays the temperature of some vital components like CPU or GPU.

It has a simple user interface that lets you overview and detailed reports of each hardware part. Download Belarc Advisor This is free software which creates a detailed profile of the complete system. It will display the results in a web browser.

Download Find the hardware information without opening CPU case. These tips to know the hardware details of the system are quite useful for customer support engineers to diagnose the issues or upgrade the hardware or software drivers. All the tips and external software are compatible with windows 7, 8.


If you’re comfortable using the Command Prompt (or PowerShell, where If you’ d prefer a GUI-based way to check your motherboard’s model. You can quickly find your motherboard model and serial number in If you’re using a Windows 10 Insider build, you also should keep in mind.

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Native Method Find Out Motherboard Model (No 3rd Party tools able to find all the USB storage that my computer was connected to in the last. you might need to find your motherboard’s brand and model number. the board manufacturer, its model number, version, and, if available.

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