How to get product key from windows 8

Option 3: Find Windows 8 product key in registry From the above introduction, we know Windows product key is saved in registry, so we open registry now to view Windows product key. Enter Regedit into the text box displayed and press OK button. Windows registry editor opens.

Windows 8 Product Key for Free {Latest Working}

how to get product key from windows 8

Microsoft certainly benefits from this new activation process since a Windows 8 product key embedded on one PC seemingly can’t be used on another. But therein lies the problem for the user.

Let’s say you own a new PC running the standard version of Windows 8. And you own a standalone aka a System Builder edition of Windows 8 Pro with its own product key.

You then install Windows 8 Pro on your PC. Will Windows insist on using the embedded product key, or is there a workaround so you can manually enter the key that came with your Windows 8 Pro System Builder software. Or, let’s say your current Windows 8 PC dies and you need to replace the motherboard or install the OS on a totally different working computer. A couple of people posed those same questions on the Microsoft Answers page but have yet to receive answers.

Further, the product key itself is embedded and encrypted in the BIOS. So even if you boot into the BIOS, you won’t find the key as an entry that you can simply write down. But that key is still tied to its original machine. I tried the process myself, grabbing the product key from a Windows 8 PC using Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder and applying it to a different computer.

And Windows would not accept it. Microsoft lays out your options So what can users do? In an e-mail to CNET, a Microsoft spokesperson outlined some options for people who find themselves in one of the scenarios described above.

So you can use your Windows 7, Vista, or XP computer to buy the Windows 8 Pro upgrade key and apply that to your standard Windows 8 PC, an option that would cover the first scenario. It’s also important to note that Microsoft does not currently offer a full retail edition of Windows 8 in the same way that prior versions of Windows were available as full retail packages. The only standalone non-upgrade edition of Windows 8 available is the System Builder edition.

This edition is designed more for original equipment manufacturers and hobbyists building their own PCs from scratch. So it’s not a product the average user would likely purchase in the first place.

What about the second scenario? The Microsoft rep explained the process as follows: The transfer of the license must accompany the PC it was licensed for. If the customer were able to get that machine fixed, they would simply need to call customer support to re-activate if there were changes big enough to merit PC reset or system recovery unusable.

So that option would cover a motherboard replacement. You’d be out of luck. Via Ghacks. PT with information from Microsoft. Everything Apple announced: What we know about Apple’s TV content and service, credit card, game subscription service and more. Apple TV Channel’s streaming service is here: Get ready for another way to watch your shows in an already crowded battle for your views. Share your voice.

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Feb 21, Lost your Windows 8 product key? You might be able to extract it from the registry . Get help here with our troubleshooting guide. With Windows 8, finding the digit product key got harder. theft — people can ‘t just glance at a sticker on your laptop to get your Windows product key.

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On computers and devices running Windows 8, product keys are saved in the . Dec 2, If you have lost the packaging for the product, they you cannot get the key from there. Try this . How to Recover Your Lost Windows 7 or Windows 8 Product Key.

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How to get product key from windows 8