How to use product key explorer

In order to install or reinstall Microsoft Office, Windows, or other commercial software, you must have access how to use product key explorer a product key CD Key for that product. Product Key Explorer retrieves product keys from network computers and allows to protect your company from having pirated software on your network. With this software you will be able to track the number of software licenses installed in your business, find and recover a lost or forgotten product keys. You can backup product keys to Registry File. This utility can be useful if you lost the product key and you want to reinstall it.

Portable Nsasoft Product Key Explorer

how to use product key explorer

Product Key Explorer has a user friendly interface and you should just press “Find Keys”? If you want to recover license keys from remote computers, choose appropriate “Authorization Mode”? After press “ok” button to close “Host Range Selection Dialog”? Requirements for “Product Key Explorer”?

You should have remote computer registry access rights 4. Firewall on remote computer should be turned off or configured appropriately to allow your access. If you have firewall program running on remote computer, turn off it or use firewall program manuals to configure it appropriately to get remote access from your computer.

You can change the following Registry value to get the same effect: In order to turn off this restriction, you should set the following Registry value: Product Key Explorer is free to try 15 days, the trial version allows to see retrieved products and if it is possible to recover you product key instead of real serial number it shows first 4 digits of product key.

What is the difference between a multi-user and single-user license? A single-user license includes a key for each copy Orderingd. A multi-user license includes one key with permissions to install the software on multiple workstations. By purchasing a multi-user license for Nsasoft products, you can use our products with as many of your co-workers and team as you choose.

The more licenses you Ordering, the larger the volume discount you get. One user may install and use one copy of the software product on a single computer at a time and only by one user at a time.

How about support? We stand behind our products and value our customers. We offer Free Unlimited Email Support. You may email our knowledgeable support staff as often as needed to ensure that our software works well for you. All our products come with unlimited email support. We are committed to further development of our software. We regularly release new versions with bug fixes, improved functionality, and increased performance.

We provide Free Lifetime Upgrades for all our registered users. New versions of our products can always be downloaded from our website.

Your current registration number will continue to work with new versions. How safe is my online Ordering? All transactions are handled by a trusted third-party payment intermediary iPortis. All transaction and credit card information is guaranteed to be safe and not passed on to any third party. Nsasoft is a trusted company, all our programs are virus or trojan free and signed with Nsasoft digital signature. To see it just download any program from our web site, right click on executable file and from pop-up menu choose “Properties”?

Then in an opened dialog select “Digital Signatures”? Tab and press “View Certificate”? You can use free online virus scanner to check our products and files. I lost my registration key What to do now? Please send an email to support containing as much relevant information as possible: If you are not sure, please list all addresses you could have used. You can make a feature request by sending us an email.

If it would be an enhancement to all our customers, we will add it to the product. Please check if “Remote Registry” service is enabled and running on remote computer, by default this service is stopped on Vista machines.

How to Find Windows 7 product key? Product Key Explorer allows to find Windows 7 product key. You should install the software and press “Find Keys” button to retrieve license key.

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Product Key Explorer is the best product key finder software for recovering and finding product keys to over + How to Use Product Key Explorer: Product . Product Key Explorer is a functional software that helps you find all the keys of a lost license and then save it either in notepad or Excel file for future use.

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Find alternatives to Product Key Explorer, as well as reviews, features and The software is designed to be the easiest to use on the market. Ah, product keys. Nothing is better guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of the hapless user than a request for a product key you just don’t have because the.

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How to use product key explorer