He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated December 17, First things first: We’re told over and over again to make longer and more complicated passwords to help keep our data secure, which makes them harder and harder to remember. I forgot my password for windows 8 1 are we trying to keep out here? Most of these tips work exactly the same way for Windows 10, some work on all versions of Windows and some will apply to any forgotten password.

More Ways of Windows 8.1 Password Reset After Forgotten It

i forgot my password for windows 8 1

Part 3: Neither situation applies? Try ultimate way Part 1: To remove Windows 8 password using CMD 1. Type cmd on the search box and right click to run as Administrator. Enter net user and hit Enter key. You will be displayed with the user account info of this PC. If you want to create a new password to replace the forgotten one, just enter and confirm it. However, if you want to log in Windows 8 without password, leave it blank and press Enter key twice.

When it says The command completed successfully. Type Exit to close CMD. Here is what to do: Similarly, run CMD as Administrator. You will see a message saying Password for Administrator is, followed by a string of characters. This can be used to access your PC. Do write the random password down as you will be asked to enter it on the next login. Part 2: If you are in this situation, below I will show you how to unlock Windows 8 password with Command Prompt.

Make sure you have a Windows installation disk on hand. Restart your computer and press certain keys like F2 to select boot menu. You will see Choose the language interface.

Please follow the instruction to finish initial setup. Command Prompt windows will pop up. Type c: Type below commands in order and press Enter key each time after entering it.

How to Recover or Reset My Windows 8, 8.1 Password If I Forgot or Lost?

Forgot or lost Windows login or administrator password? How to reset Windows forgotten password becomes a new hot topic after upgrading Windows 8. Wanna recover lost password for Windows ? This article lists 5 best Windows login password reset ways. Check it now and easily.

VIDEO: I Forgot My Password For Windows 8 1

Thanks for the A2A. for my part, if you have forgot the Windows password and you happend to neither have the official installation CD nor have the recovery. Forgot Windows 8 sign-in password for the only account on your computer? How can I bypass or Method 1: Windows Password Hint. When setting a user.

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