You can get JRiver set up the way you like it on your home computer. Do a library backup on your home computer. Then take that library backup file to your work computer jriver media center 21 restore it there. Configure Windows so that your external drive always gets the same drive letter every time you plug the drive in. Assign it a drive letter like M for music.

How to Uninstall JRiver Media Center 21.0.31 Application/Software on Your Mac

jriver media center 21

When analyzing audio in videos, the statusbar would not update properly. Further increased performance when encoding or streaming videos, both in general and specifically with active subtitles. Added “Analyze Audio” to the customize toolbar dialog. Closed Captioning will be turned on automatically at live TV start up if “Closed Captions” option is on. Typo “Confirm Actiom”. The right and left arrows to advance image playback was not working in all cases between 2D and 3D viewer, etc.

Made the lyrics lookup handle list style artist fields it will lookup each artist individually until it finds a match.

If a playlist to be uploaded was renamed in the action window, the new name didn’t ‘stick’. Uploaded playlist files can be 16 or 24 bit and can have sample rates up to khz. Increased the maximum number of choices in “Right click recent command count” to The “New” column in standard view EPG put checkmarks on reruns instead of new shows. The option to start a slideshow automatically for image playback was not being honored. If you were playing images, paused, then advanced to the next image, a slideshow would start again instead of staying paused.

Added a “Toggle Split View” button that you can add to the toolbar to show two views then one view. Support for Hardware Encoding of H. Greatly increased video encoding performance on videos with no visible subtitles. Panel – Search results were not getting loaded when using an expression as the search parameter.

Made the new features help shortcut link to the MC25 thread instead of the MC24 thread. Made the toolbar colors for the bottom toolbar the same as the top toolbar with Modern Cards Grey. TV recording manager no longer reload TV settings every minute. The settings change is now messaged to TV recording manager.

MC might not wake up to record TV shows on clients even if the clients were configured to record. Increased the threading of thumbnail creation by the auto-import process. Made audio analysis done by auto-import threaded. German translation updated thanks ByteStar. Updated Italian translation thanks matteo e massimo. When scheduling a TV show recording, if recording can only happen on one computer i. Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

Selecting to draw lyrics to a DLNA zone would crash. Now the option doesn’t even appear. Blu-ray playlists are properly handled in advanced mode when a custom DirectShow Source Filter is being used. Threaded the file gathering for CD list controls.

Deleting a library field will select the next list item instead of the first. Panel – The browser login dialog box was appearing again when starting Panel.

Importing from a memory card as a camera could get the same files over and over in some cases. Removed adding the date and time to import from WIA devices.

WIA cameras could import the same files over and over. Camera acquisition could get the same files over and over from some devices if you didn’t check the option to delete the files. Made the build thumbnails tool threaded. Made the lossy to lossless just a warning instead of disabled. Adjusted the lyrics drawing a little. Updated to Monkey’s Audio 4. Renamed “Draw Lyrics” to “Display Lyrics”. Removed the left-click start of Artist Images in Playing Now. The converter no longer allows conversion of lossy files to lossless.

Threaded the remove tags feature. When executing command line commands, if the shift key is pressed it will only act on audio and it will only work on images if control is pressed. This way holding that key down while choosing a Windows Explorer shell extension command will only operate on a certain media type. Added the right-click command to the playing display to “Draw Lyrics” which will render the lyrics of the playing file next to the cover art.

Made Play Doctor better handle starting on a track with no matching artists or albums. When playing a television recording in JTV format from a client, “Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found” option will be be honored if the recording is already finished.

Previously the option is ignored for all JTV files. On a client with TV channels and EPG setup enabled, the status line in Standard television view will show both the server status and the client status. Added the memory playback status to Audio Path. Automatic background EPG loading setting is no longer ignored on clients if “Allow setup on clients” option is on. MC did not wake up to perform television recording on clients. Blu-ray Menu playback could get stuck in some cases when a video clip started without accompanying audio for a short time.

Panel – Added an audio device select to the settings page when the zone is set to “Player. Panel – Added an information tab to the settings page to display some of the library server information. The status of currently recording TV shows were not consistently displayed across the client-server network, i. Updated Greek translation thanks Panagiotis. Updated Added a “Quick Search” button to the toolbar customization. Added subtitle size to the OSD.

Over-the-air EPG scanning left the tuner in initializing state if the corresponding channel list is empty. Wavpack DSD bitstreaming wasn’t working properly. Wavpack files could fail to load the date and track number in some cases.

In standard television view a new optional column “New” is added to indicate a show is not re-run. Made the font size scale with the user size setting. In standard television view the order in which the optional column names appear in the right-click menu on column headers now matches the order of column placement. Updated the Chromium web engine for recent security fixes. Added another site for lyrics lookup.

Added a few new DVB-S satellite data files: Deleting a file from certain library views would not take effect right away. Panel – The enter license option in the admin system settings page is now available on all platforms except Android. The “Update Library from tags ” tool runs in a thread and just updates the status bar as it works instead of blocking the program. A cancel button also appears in the bottom toolbar area.

The “Update Tags from library ” tool was threaded the same way. Slovak translation updated thanks Peter Lukac. The audio filename rule wasn’t showing for all WPD devices. Put the test for 4k content in front of the test for Blu-ray, etc.

Made the test for 4k content check the width or height instead of only the width. Resolved an issue with Blu-ray Menu playback that resulted in certain UHD discs to get stuck on first play before reaching the menu. Previous builds had no limit resulting in a crash if the number of entries exceeded about 30, This was unusual for a Browse, more likely for a Search.

Television channels and EPG can be set up using a client, with the results saved on the server. When resetting all TV channels from a client, the channel order setting on the server is reset. It has better handling of corrupt files. Television tuners on clients are allowed to be used for recording shows to server library. Added the library field “Zone Last Opened” that gets set to the zone name at playback time.

Added the menu command “Set Seq From Sort” to right-click on the Playing Now list headers so you can sort and then update the order to match the sorting after.

Panel – Added thumbnails to the file list view. Panel – Added a context menu to some folders with some play options. Use a right-click with a mouse or a long press with a touch device to activate. Panel – Added an option to the file context menu to delete the file from the library. Panel – Removed the folder name from the folder context menu.

Panel – Adjusted the sizing of the folder context menu. Made the ideal height of large edit styles in the Tag Action Window use the ideal height of the entire edit instead of just hard-coding 12 lines.

Panel – Zones were not showing up in the latest version.

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