Ardamax Keylogger 5. It stores the computer keyboard data, that is, keylogger free download with crack what you had written in a log. Logs can be automatically delivered to your email, and keylogger gain access to is password covered. Furthermore, Ardamax Keylogger stores information about the web addresses that an individual has visited. This program has a concealed mode so the user will not discover their activity.

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So the next thing I did is to decompile the executable. I used an open-source. Figure Hawkeye keylogger decompiled source code I took a closer look in the decompiled source code and compared it to its list of “Awesome Features”.

I found the following features in its code like: It also attempts to steal password manager credentials and Windows keys.

A worm-like USB infection routine that will allow the keylogger to spread to other Windows machine. USB infection routine It may also target the users of online gaming platform Steam.

It deletes the configuration data and login data files so that the user will be forced to login again. This is an opportunity for the keylogger to steal the user’s Steam credentials. Steam deletion routine The stolen information including the desktop screenshot are sent to either to the attacker’s email address or FTP server depending on how the keylogger was configured. Email sending routine The attacker may also configure the keylogger to upload the stolen information through a HTTP tunnel to a PHP host, but the code seems to be voided.

The most interesting part I’ve found in the decompiled code however is a C constructor named Form1. This is where the keylogger configuration was stored. But to secure the attacker’s email and FTP credentials, these data were encrypted using Rijndael algorithm and Base The keylogger configuration As you may know, those encrypted data are not always secure, especially if the decryption routine is in the decompiled source code!

The keylogger calls the Decrypt method The image below is the “Decrypt” method where it accepts two string parameters: The secret key happens to be a hardcoded string HawkSpySoftwares Figure The decryption routine As mentioned, the keylogger uses the Rijndael algorithm and the secret key is salted with the Unicode string “u”, also hardcoded.

The keylogger uses Rijndael algorithm Out of curiosity, I copied the decryption part of the code, modified it accordingly and compiled it in MS Visual Studio, and of course the decryption was successful. The decrypted email and FTP credentials They appear to be email accounts on compromised systems. The emails sent to this inbox are rerouted automatically to the attacker’s Gmail account. We have reported the compromised email accounts to their rightful owners, in order for them to change their passwords and remove the attacker’s email address from their reroute message settings.

Since this was written, we received similar spam messages with RTF attachments but this time containing the CVE exploit. The payload is the same keylogger but they have used different email credentials. The two vulnerabilties used in these attacks are old, but still widely used in email attacks. As usual, it is advisable to update your systems with the latest patches, to protect you from these old exploits used by cybercriminals.

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