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KitchenDraw is an easy-to-use software application specially developed to design 2D kitchen plans and their subsequent representation kitchendraw com three dimensions. In just a few steps you will be able to create completely customized designs. The ultimate app to design kitchens The main advantage of this application is the possibility to create full kitchen designs from scratch, even if kitchendraw com are an inexperienced user. Furthermore, it includes automatic placing of elements like skirting boards, cornices, moldings and worktops.


kitchendraw com

However make sure you run KitchenDraw in “administrator mode”. To do this, right click on the KitchenDraw icon located on the Windows desktop.

In the context menu that appears, select the “Properties” command. In the dialog box that appears, click on the “Compatibility” tab and make sure the check box “Run this program as administrator” is checked. It is then necessary that Windows is installed on the Mac. I didn’t receive the 20 free hours of use. The 20 free hours of use for testing and training at KitchenDraw are recharged automatically from the www.

For this recharge to happen it is necessary that the computer that runs KitchenDraw is connected to the Internet and no firewall or proxy prevents KitchenDraw from accessing the www.

The 20 free hours are awarded only once per computer even if it is reformatted. If you have not received your 20 hours of use free despite being connected to the Internet please send your most recent LOG file. LOG and are located in the scenes directory which by default is C: How much disk space does KitchenDraw require? In addition to the KD EXE file you can download from this site and which uses about 16 Mbytes, the installation of KitchenDraw requires approximately 60 Mbytes of disk space.

This includes all catalogs and textures. Each project file scene you create then occupies an average disk space of Kbytes. How long does it take to become a good KitchenDraw user? Between 5 and 10 hours are necessary to follow the tutorial present in the On line Training section of this site. After only ten project files, you will notice marked productivity gains.

After a score of project files, you will be a KitchenDraw addict! Do you clock up hours while KitchenDraw is open but not actually used? Your time account is debited in 5-minutes increments and only when you activate KitchenDraw planning functions. So you can stop using KitchenDraw and speak with a customer without having your time account debited. Also, you do not pay anything when editing catalogs with Mobiscript.

Do intensive users find KitchenDraw too expensive? A KitchenDraw user typically has a consumption of 30 hours per month, amounting to some hours per year. Considering the free hours you are allowed after the first hours paid 1 free hour for 2 hours paid , the annual cost rises to euros — just about the maintenance fee for a competitor software Intensive users and points of sale with several sales assistants are naturally allowed a greater number of free hours, dropping the cost to as little as 1 euro per hour.

Even more significant is the cost per project file. This is where you realize how little KitchenDraw will cost you! It takes approximately an hour to complete a project file. So the cost per project file ranges between 1 euro and 3 euros — about the price of the stamps required to mail the project file to your customer.

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Download it and get 20 hours of use free ; then 3 euros per hour. Gallery:: Photorealistic perspective with KitchenDraw. For more images follow.

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Live demo:: It lasts about 10 minutes and you can stop it any time you like. Private: area reserved to business partners. Here is the KitchenDraw partner.

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