Microsoft excel 2013 crack free download

Method 3: Bypass Excel Spreadsheet Password by VBA Code The best way to protect a worksheet is to put a password, so that if anyone opens the file then they will have to enter the correct password in order to gain access. But the real nightmare starts when you forget the password yourself. Fortunately, there are myriad ways to recover excel password and by using VBA code is one of them.

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microsoft excel 2013 crack free download

It is also annoying when you inherit a document from a previous employee and it is protected by a password only they knew. But your boss asked for you to get the data from that spreadsheet and change some things and Right now! What are you going to do? You will be up and running in no time! There can be a number of reasons for breaking password protection on an Excel file. Before we start, please note that I take zero responsibility for the results of these instructions.

You are the master of your own actions and by proceeding, you take full responsibility of your own actions. Step 1: Make a Backup of Your File You will be making changes to the internal structure of your document. It is good practice to create backups before starting.

Step 2: Step 3: Disassemble your Document Because the. For this example, I protected both the individual worksheet and workbook on my sample excel file. We will break this protection by changing some settings in the file. For the disassembly process, the main file compression utility in windows will work just fine.

Disassembly with WinRAR: Select Open archive. Remove Password Protection The root view of the excel file structure: The files you are going to edit are in the xl folder that is circled in red.

For Workbook whole excel file Settings: If you are unfamiliar with XML, this might look strange. Find the line that looks like: Select YES.

Delete the whole line that looks like: Once unstuck, you should now be able to edit the document as you please. Alternate Disassembly Instructions — Windows Archive Tool By default, file extensions are hidden for common document types. You will need to change your folder settings to show file extensions.

Now that your file is in a. If you create your archive by selecting your main folder and not all of the files, you may run into errors when re-opening. Change the file extension of your archive back to the original —.

When prompted to confirm changing the file extension, select yes. You should be able to open your fixed excel file. Feel free to change it back. Please comment if you get stuck. Likewise if you have other questions or improvements.

3 Methods to Bypass or Crack MS Excel Password

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Microsoft excel 2013 crack free download