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Most people are pleased by the Ad-Free version mx player no ads the player. This indicates that mx player pro apk is not at all freeway. Though it charges a few bucks, people are keen to download and install it. The reason is its tons of features and appealing design.

MX Player PRO v1.10.29 (No ADS + AC3/DTS) APK ! [Latest]

mx player no ads

Let’s begin. When you open MX Player, you will see four tabs at the bottom which are self-explanatory. You can quickly access your local files, videos, and music that are powered by MX Player more on that later and Me which is for settings. XPlayer follows suit with just 3 tabs at the bottom. You can see a Playlist option which tells me they take music seriously. I have activated the dark mode on both the apps, but you will notice that XPlayer offers a true black theme, which is darker than MX Player.

Also on Guiding Tech Read More 2. You can rewind or forward videos by swiping left or right on the screen on both the apps. To get to additional controls in MX Player, you will tap on the screen once and tap on the three-dot menu icon on the upper right to reveal a dropdown menu.

That is where you can control playback speed, subtitles, audio settings, and sleep timer. MX Player has too many settings to mess around which is why it made sense to have a menu to house them all. Swiping up and down on the right manages the volume while on the left, it will adjust the brightness. You can pinch to zoom in and out. Noticed the small arrow on the left?

Tap on it to reveal shortcuts like repeat, shuffle, playback speed, and mute. I think they are more useful when you are watching small random or music videos than movies. XPlayer provides the same layout that you see and love in MX Player. However, there are more options available when you click the handy arrow icon on the left.

Additional settings include timer, sleep mode, and pop-up play. Similarly, the menu on the right will remind you of MX Player. The only difference seems a distinct placement of few options little. MX Player will allow you to customize pretty much everything from the buttons that you see on-screen to how your subtitles are displayed alignment, size, scale, fonts.

You can even change the color of the progress bar from blue to something else. Manage font type, size, border, and shadow under Text tab and so much more. On the other hand, most of you seldom touch half of these settings unless you like messing around or are very picky about things. XPlayer supports Chromecast so you can stream content from your smartphone to a big screen. That’s something I doubt MX Player will ever offer. Finally, MX Player supports network stream which means you can enter the IP address to connect with a server, local or not, and play video and audio from there.

XPlayer misses out on this useful feature that I often use to watch online events. Also on Guiding Tech Read More 4. Audio Player While most of us have moved on to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, some of us still need a music player to listen to the collection of songs we all hoard. That’s because MX Player streams songs from Gaana.

More on that in the next point. It will not categorize music by genres and artists. It also scanned my call logs and listed all the calls that I have recorded on my smartphone — Don’t judge me, it’s purely for security purposes.

On the plus side, you can create a playlist. We have created a list of a few excellent music player apps for Android, so do check them out. The Videos tab is even more impressive. You can watch movies, news, music videos and even original web series that MX Player is creating for its platform — all of that for free.

All of the features and content of MXPlayer are free except that there are ads everywhere. Even when you pause a video that is saved on your device, an ad will pop up immediately.

With all the music and video content MX Player provides, it is a no-brainer. XPlayer also shows ads, but they are non-obtrusive. There is a handy button that you can tap to view ads, voluntarily, and support the dev team. A much better approach. Not only has it more options and settings, but it is also creating its web series that are not available elsewhere. Plus, you can stream songs from Gaana which means one less app to worry about. Next up: Do you use MX Player?

Here are 13 cool and amazing tips for using it like a pro. Last updated on 19 Mar, Read Next.

1. Design and User Interface

Block and remove all the irritating interstitial and pop-up Google Ads for MX Player App on Android Phone and enjoy an Ad-Free experience. One such popular app with lots of annoying Pop-ups and Interstitial Ads is MX Player. MX Player is the most popular Android App for playing. 4 days ago Here we will provide Fast Google Drive download link of MX Player Pro Mod Apk In which you will get Premium Access + No Ad with All.

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22 hours ago THIS IS THE AD-FREE VERSION OF MX PLAYER. MX Player Pro – The best way Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster. This is the Ad-Free version of MX Player. There is no functional limitations in free version. Kindly try the free version first before purchasing the Pro version.

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