It came well packed and works perfectly! Gonna continue to order from this website Reviewed by: Color games require a separate link cable. Reviewed my boy link cable Just tested out the cable between my Gameboy Advance SP and Gameboy Player on my Gamecube, was able to complete trades between pokemon games.

My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator

my boy link cable

Things you will need: My Boy Gba Emulator version 1. Strong Wireless Connection Wifi or Bluetooth. Browse for the Rom you downloaded 4. Play and learn playing it yourself: P Linking All players must do this: Only for people who is near to each other Wi-Fi: For people far to each other 1. Open your Bluetooth or Wifi must be connected to Wireles Connection 2.

Open your Emulator 3. Open your Rom 4. Go to any Pokemon Center 5. Go to second Floor and talk to the last receptionist who is in charge of Link Room 6. Choose what you want to do with your friend Colosseum, Trade, Mix Record both must choose same choice. Click Option 8. The one who will host the game and who will give the IP address and Port number to other players Wifi Client: The host of the game Bluetooth Client: The participants of the game, must connect with the Server’s bluetooth.

After that a message will show that you must wait for the other players. After that you can now battle, trade or mix record with the other players. Ask me anything and I will gladly answer it. The battle for championship will begin soon Message me for more details.

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GBA emulator “My Boy!” now supports link emulation. Note: linking via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will be supported in the FULL VERSION .. What’s in this version: v • Link cable emulation (up to 4 players) on the same device. VBALink now supports GBA/SP multiplayer link cable emulation and linking and modify this for optimizing the VBAServer for playing with my little friends. Visual Boy Advance Roms on PC or Linux with link cable or wireless linking support!.

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The Nintendo Game Link Cable is an accessory for the Game Boy line of handheld video game systems, allowing players to connect Game Boys of all types for. I have a My Boy emulator for gba on my android phone on ehich I have b. versions like ruby and sapphire or emerald vice-versa on my boy using link remote?.

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