This EP emulation has the best of all worlds with three of the most important EPs Suitcase, Stage, Wurli Add in vintage modeled effects, complex impulse response algorithms, and tweak-able knobs for ultimate control, you will have the best electric piano experience ever produced in a neo soul keys kontakt The 1 goal was to make sure that if you were not able to take a real electric piano to your gig or studio, then this library would be the next best thing. This authentic sound is achieved by a combination of 6. The deal neo soul keys kontakt in: Deal Expired 6.

Review: Neo-Soul Keys 3X EP

neo soul keys kontakt

But, nothing could hold him back after he’d got hands on with the Neo-Soul Keys Rhodes emulation Kontakt library. Jay tells it like it is I started singing and playing keyboards in rock and roll bands in the mids, after the Beatles made everyone want to be a Beatle. But it frustrated me in that it had no sustain pedal and not much dynamic range. Wurlitzer store and there saw a new Wurlitzer Electronic Piano. It was also pretty affordable. I also bought a used Farfisa organ and I was good to go playing the music of my favorite British Invasion groups.

In the early 70s, I was offered a gig in LA so I sold my keyboards and moved. By then, Wurlitzer had replaced the with the black plastic bodied a, made famous by The Beach Boys, the Carpenters, Supertramp, etc. The Wurlitzer electronic piano was a bear by the way to keep in tune. If you played it hard long enough, the reeds would eventually break and when you bought new ones, they were sharp unless you filed off some of the solder it came with, or flat, in which case you had to add solder.

So a good tech was worth his weight in gold. But I loved the sound and I still do and in recent years, it has made a big time comeback. By now however, I was listening to other kinds of music. Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, and others got my attention and they were playing an electric piano that sounded very different from my beloved Wurlitzer, the Fender Rhodes, a tine-based instrument. More bell-like in tone ands with a greater range of dynamics, it was initially weird for me to play as it had a spongy action that literally required a different technique.

But I loved the creative possibilities it afforded me, and so I bought a used silver top suitcase model. The suitcase sat on a speaker cabinet and had a great tube sound and panning tremolo that was very distinctive. They could be tweaked to sound quite differently. Later models had thinner tines which gave it less of a bell sound but more funky, and then when the Mark series of Stage models came out, played through different amps, there were a gazillion different Rhodes sounds out there.

Once again, a good tech was worth his weight in gold. I had mine tweaked and ended up with a very personal Rhodes sound that nonetheless was clearly classic Rhodes.

The Rhodes sound kind of went out of fashion in the 80s, replaced by a version of it on the Yamaha DX7 popularized by guys like David Foster.

I sold my Rhodes and Wurly and went DX7. It was a lot easier to carry around and did many more things well than my originals, but it was thin and just flat out lacked the soul. Obviously others eventually reached the same conclusion, as there are now a goodly number of Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer virtual instruments and libraries, some of which are quite good and I was not unhappy with my choices.

It also provided great control over them, with high-quality built-in FX, and I knew I had to have it. Well, work with an orchestral palette came around and I put purchasing it on the back burner. It is incredibly versatile and customizable. In the following picture, I have loaded up the default patch for the suitcase, which is still my favorite Rhodes.

You can control the velocity curve. There is a great sounding chorus, spring reverb, phaser and other FX. There are even amp simulations, which are particularly useful for the Stage model and the Wurlitzer, as indeed people did and do play them through all kinds of different keyboard and guitar amplifiers.

But hey, who says you have to be authentic? Put one on a suitcase if you like. They even include some combo patches that combine different combos of the two Rhodes and one Wurlitzer models. Go crazy! I did have one kind of WTF moment. This for me is one of the strengths of this collection and no tuning issues in the Rhodes models bothered me at all, but when I loaded up the default Wurlitzer patch, frankly it did. I immediately emailed the good folks at gospelmusicians. Personally, I would only feel the need to use it with the Wurlitzer, but it is certainly nice to have the options.

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6.4GB of the Best Electric Piano Library Ever Made!

Desktop Features. • Available for VST/AU/AAX/Standalone; • 88 Distint Timbres; • 60 Mechanical FX; • Full VKFX FX Suite; • 21GB Samples (Desktop); • Neo-Soul Keys® Studio are some of the most realistic, organic, and warm sounding electric pianos ever When I go into playing more funk, I might use Neo-Soul Keys, which has a lot of attack. MKSensation for Kontakt 5 FREE Player.

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Gospel Musicians – Neo-Soul Keys NEW 3X for Kontakt 5 is a library of electric piano samples with a distinctive sound, designed to recreate the. “Neo Soul Keys” is by far the most realistic, organic, buttery, creamy, gritty, and dirty Electric The Playability of a real Electric Piano in Kontakt/UVI Formats!.

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