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The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse, Report this post. I first composed this essay in June The President plays kissy-kissy with maniacal megalomaniacs while friends and allies are scorned.

Time to look back before we look forward. We are cautious, but we refuse to be in total denial. Ominous events, like the ones that creep up on us today, are built from a growing stack of nefarious coincidences that sooner or later comes back to haunt us with spooky premonitions. He drew many addled ideas from teachings that opened doors to his vision of world dominance and supremacy of the German Weltanschauung.

His Mein Kampf, written early in his adulthood and while incarcerated, became the bedrock of the idealization of German people and culture, and at the same time, the barbaric Final Solution. Time, place, and attitude were ripe for its implementation. Xenophobic identification of enemies by race, different-ness, and outside-ness.

Ominous assertions of American triumphalism. Cocky but inane strategies to re gain world dominance. And then he is shaping alienated people into mobs who are united by stamping, growling, jeering, and calling for the decimation of their foes.

A short fuse kindled by outrageous streams of curses, epithets, and derision. Berlin, ? Each of us has been flummoxed by the Big Lie at one time or another: Repeat over and again the most implausible lie loudly and with conviction.

Sooner or later, dumb people will come to believe it. Eventually, the big shots will too. Today, ominously, no one uses it more effectively than Trump: Go and assert a radical proposal.

Then lie and deny, lie and deny. Tell them that seeming errors are just willful lies of the enemy. Lie and deny. Rinse and repeat. Maybe Hitler is an eerie foreshadowing of Trump.

It can happen again. One wild-eyed megalomaniac or another is sure to arise. The writing on the wall is ominous. Your eyes are not deceiving you. But woefully, we are still largely in denial. We continue to flounder in quicksand. Yes, some of us are in the cheering section. But most of us are zonked in front of the TV. Will we be attentive to the ominous signs on the wall? About the Author Marc Wilson is a rabbi and activist, serving congregations for four decades.

He lives in Greenville, SC, and is blessed with a compassionate wife and the 14 smartest grandchildren ever. He especially loves being with family, teaching Torah, and cooking a competitive kosher gumbo. Marc is especially passionate about inclusive Yiddishkeit and the long, strange trip his life has been. He considers his greatest achievement the seven years he cared for his homebound parents. Contact Wiludi Rabbi Marc at marcwilson aol.

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