Nitro Pro 12

Nitro Pro comes in 12 languages — and includes spellcheck for Nitro Pro 12 languages. You can use the QuickSign tool to add your own signature to any document. If you don’t have a signature on file, you can scrawl one by hand, take a picture of it on your computer or smartphone and upload it to the program. You can also change the size and position of your signature as you would an image file so the signature doesn’t interfere with any text Nitro Pro 12 the signature.

Nitro Pro 12 Review

Nitro Pro 12

Date added: June 13, Author: Nitro PDF, Inc. MD5 Checksum: Optimized the process of digital signature validation, resulting in faster and more efficient digital signature workflows.

Expanded signature validity for documents with complex permissions. Nitro users are able to set a broader range of security permissions, allowing password-protected documents to be signed. Improved our digital signature user experience, so notifications regarding document validity or modification are clearer and easier to see.

Nitro Pro will notify users of the document’s integrity status not only in signature properties, but also in the left signature panel, making it improbable to miss important document integrity statuses.

Every digitally signed document will be protected from tampering or fraudulent changes to the content. Whiteout and Redaction tools are disabled, making it impossible to hide content on a digitally signed or certified document, so users can have peace of mind knowing their documents are secure. Now supports document versioning and revisions when it comes to digital signatures. If the signature of a digitally signed document is invalidated, Nitro Pro will allow the user to view the original, signed document as it was before any of the changes that caused signature’s invalidation were made.

Users can restore and compare document versions, allowing the changes to be tracked. Expanded document security features, now enabling a document to be fully locked after digitally signing. This update will prevent any attempts to tamper with the document. In addition, any content editing–including adding annotations—will be prohibited. An issue that cause the Certificate Profiles dialog to be opened instead of Signature Profiles, when a new digital signature was being added to a previously cleared signature form field.

This issue has been resolved. Nitro Pro will display correct dialogs when adding a digital signature or digital certificate. To make digital signing workflows faster, users will be able to mark for redaction, add comments, and save redaction markings, all from a thumbnail view on digitally signed documents.

Behavior of Multiple Instances feature has been improved when dragging and dropping digitally signed documents. Nitro Pro will show an error when combining by drag and drop two documents with identical signature fields.

Nitro Pro will notify a users that identical digital signature form fields will be merged into one. Improved the User Experience of the left-side ‘thumbnails’ panel and enabled more features. Users will now be able to mark pages or page ranges for redaction on a digitally signed document not only from the main menu, but also in the left-side panel. Improved messaging when combining documents or inserting pages, so that any errors can be prevented. When combining two or more documents which include digital signature form fields, any identical digital signature form fields will be merged into one.

Nitro Pro will display a message providing this information. Refined security features for digitally signed or certified documents. The Whiteout tool is now disabled for all certified documents to ensure no content changes are allowed and documents are secure. Inserting new pages of from the left-side panel into a digitally signed or certified document is now disabled to ensure digitally signed documents are secure and cannot be modified.

Improved functionality when combining documents and inserting pages with digital signatures. In such documents, digital signature fields will be cleared and identical fields merged. This will ensure that signed documents cannot be modified in any way.

Improved Page Layout functionality. Inserting pages into password-protected documents is now enabled, provided the user has the correct password for the document. An issue when renaming digital signature form fields with a preexisting name. This issue has been resolved – users will get an error notification to choose a different name. Improved digital signature workflows, including an ability to certify documents with linked text and signature form fields.

In prior versions, certification was shown as invalid when a document consistent of linked text and signature form fields. This issue has been resolved and works as expected. When clearing one’s own digital signature from a document, a user can now add a new digital signature field in the same signature form field, so that users can speed up digital signature workflows.

When combining digitally signed documents, Nitro Pro will correctly combine all form fields, including digitally signed fields, and digital signature fields will be cleared to prevent any fraudulent changes. Improved workflows for documents with digital signatures. Users can now easily combine digitally signed documents for improved productivity.

Users can perform complex tasks related to digital signatures, such as easily protecting selective form fields with other digital signature fields. This will enable only authorized persons to access certain form fields for filling or signing. UX Improvements: Improved functionality when working with keyboard shortcuts. Users are able to modify and save keyboard shortcuts for various actions in Nitro Pro to make workflows even more efficient.

A new, re-vamped search panel makes Nitro Pro even more user-friendly. Styling has been improved for better structuring and faster viewing, while some functions, such as common keyboard shortcuts, will enable users to search for and find information faster. Send documents for signature via Nitro Cloud faster than ever before. Users can now request electronic signatures with a single click straight from the Home Ribbon. A new, re-vamped, modern product tour, which highlights main features to give a quick head start for first time users.

Printing Improvements: A number of improvements were made in relation to both printing to PDF or a physical printer. Users can now see an accurate preview when printing multiple pages per sheet. Ability to choose printing properties, such as selecting specific pages for printing from the left hand-side panel.

Conversion Improvements: This will enable users to quickly and easily convert documents for further editing with precise detail. We have improved conversion algorithm, resulting in more accurate and robust outcomes after conversion, when converting from PDF to MS PowerPoint or Excel: All content will be converted, including text, images and special symbols.

Visible layout improvements after conversion, such as enhanced row and column detection will result in better document accuracy. Font substitution has been improved resulting Nitro Pro to recognize fonts which will be identical or very close to the original. Styling, such as font size and colors, cell size and colors, and table characteristics has also been improved.

Other Improvements and Enhancements: Improved some workflows when using virtualized App V environment. Conversion of supported files to PDF using various methods, such as “drag and drop” and “from file,” amongst others, have become more reliable. Saving documents which contained fillable form data to WorkSite is no longer an issue.

User will be able to retain any fillable data and save to a chosen location. A number of other enhancements have been added to Nitro Pro resulting in better quality and stability.

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