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Don’t let a slow oo defrag professional spoil your work or fun! Regular disk defrag optimizes your PC performance. A life expectancy for a PC of three to five years is no longer a rarity, especially since by Windows 10 many older PCs with a modern operating system can be used even longer. However, this also oo defrag professional in a significant loss of performance in the long run, since the continuous storage and deletion of files dramatically increases the fragmentation, resulting in noticeably longer access times during loading.

Portable O&O Defrag Professional v22.1.2521 (x64)

oo defrag professional

Regular disk defragmentation optimizes your PC performance! When you defragment, the files that Windows splits up when saving documents across the hard disk are logically put back together again so that files can be quickly recognized and found by the read and write heads inside your hardware.

Ideal for beginners and professionals Extends the life of your hardware Defrags multiple drives simultaneously Increases chances of recovering lost files and speeds up your backups Power Management for Notebooks Assistant for to schedule the disk defragmenter Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.

There is nothing worse than when you want to do something on your PC and your computer is running slow. A disk defragmenter used regularly can speed up a PC of any age and get it working like new again! Users can easily search for files or folders that are taking up valuable disk space on the hard drive and slowing down your system. This versatile tool offers a Windows — Explorer type intuitive interface and a variety of options to hunt for space wasters.

The statistics show you exactly how a disk defrag is speeding up your PC and graphically displays how a regular disk cleanup optimizes your PC speed. By continuously organizing the files on your hard disk, your computer can read them much quicker. Deleting free space on hard disks for your privacy Protecting your privacy.

This prevents identity theft and theft of your confidential files and documents because deleting files under Windows leaves traces of data still on the disks. By deleting them securely you stop them ever falling into the wrong hands. In addition, the algorithms used to achieve a disk defragmentation have been substantially accelerated, reducing the time required for a defrag.

If your PC is running slow and you are looking for a disk speed optimizer, look no further. You can carry on working or playing on your PC while your disks are being defragmented in the background and your PC speed optimized.

Quicker and safer video editing The editing and saving of videos is continually on the increase, meaning systems have to process more and more data.

Despite the use of high-end workstations for video editing, losses of data through disruption in data streaming still occurs. Even the best video editing software is only as good as the computer it is installed on. Perfect for the modern family These days your family members all have a device of their own or even more than one! A far better gaming experience Because many computer games store and work with a lot of files and data, they can be a major source of fragmentation themselves.

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O&O Defrag 22 is the best disk defrag software that will speed up your hard drive and O&O Defrag 22 Professional Edition Download free and get maximum. O&O Defrag Professional Edition is a full-featured defragmentation solution that will help keep your PC in tip-top shape.

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Oo defrag professional