Corel PaintShop Pro X6 It loads much faster. It’s RAW file editor is quantum leap better then in previous paintshop pro x9 download of this program. It’s new selection tools are interesting and easy to use. You can upload image files directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo’s Flickr.

Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Free Download

paintshop pro x9 download

Make easy corrections and enhancements to recover detail in overexposed photos, boost color, fix distortion and more. Batch processing controls and presets let you automate repetitive tasks and quickly bring out the best in every image. These 10 corrections, based on 10 years of research, save you time and help you create more beautiful photos. Apply the corrections automatically, then use the independent controls to adjust them as you wish.

Corel Live Screen Capture Record everything that happens on your screen, including system audio and microphone sound to create custom video that you can use in presentations or training. Try it to record a quick how-to to share with a friend or colleague.

Corel Live Screen Capture lets you record dual screens, or a selected window or area of your screen. Corel Creative Collection Expand your creative capabilities with dozens of brushes, textures, and over royalty-free backgrounds.

Quickly make photo collages, personalized greetings, brochures and more. Save your own layouts as templates to speed up future design and photo projects. Screenshot Featuring Smart Capture New! Capture, edit and annotate screenshots in one place with the full editing power of PaintShop Pro—no need for multiple applications!

New Smart Capture mode lets you quickly grab an image from your screen just by hovering over the area you want to capture. Gradient Fill tool New!

Save time by adjusting gradients directly on an image, shape or canvas. Simply drag and drop color swatches and move nodes on the Gradient Fill tool to alter gradients to your liking.

Text Presets New! Get the creative looks you love faster and discover fun new text effects. These free and premium presets are added to PaintShop Pro dynamically, giving you fresh, new text options, updated regularly over the Web.

Improved Text tool Enhanced! Quickly apply the text styles you want with a simplified text toolbar. Choose colors faster and customize your text toolbar to show the items you use frequently and hide the ones you don’t.

Real-Time Photo Effects Enhanced! Improved Stylus and Graphics Tablet support New! Save time and increase productivity by combining Smart Photo Fix and batch processing to apply adjustments to multiple photos at once.

Or use it to quickly apply batch actions, like watermarking or resizing an image. Scripts Enhanced! Automate and speed up repetitive and complex photo-editing tasks with scripts. Silent scripts let you apply scripts even faster. Find useful scripts in the Welcome Guide or download the free Scripting Guide to create your own. Guided Tour New! This step-by-step virtual tour will help you confidently find your way around the interface and help you master new features in no time!

Export Edit History New! Whether you’re a brainy trainer or a steely-eyed detective, the new Export Edit History feature lets you quickly document and share your edits. Accurately record all edits made to an image, then use in legal documentation, to build step-by-step tutorials, or to share techniques. Windows Server Support Enhanced! PaintShop Pro X9 is compatible with Windows Server , making it the perfect fit for any organization in a virtualized environment—for photo editing, graphics creation, screen capture and annotation— whether you’re hosting locally or in the cloud.

Contact our licensing team for more details. Innovative photo editing lives in PaintShop Pro! Save time and improve selection accuracy by applying effects to objects based on their distance from the camera. Camera Raw Support Enhanced! PaintShop Pro X9 adds support for 15 new cameras.

Compatible with the Nik Collection by Google PaintShop Pro is fully compatible with The Nik Collection by Google, which includes seven powerful plugins, ranging from special filters to retouching, sharpening and more – offering users a ton of creative power, for free. Text Wrapping Instantly fill a selection or vector shape with text that automatically wraps within it. Create interesting design elements for web graphics, posters, scrapbooking, brochures, collages, and other projects.

Magic Move and Magic Fill Edit pictures faster with content-aware editing tools. Move an object or background with Magic Move or erase an unwanted part of your image with Magic Fill. The empty area will automatically fill in to match the surrounding background. Precise selections Accurate selections are essential in photo editing software.

PaintShop Pro X9 lets you define a selection size by height and width, or with a fixed aspect ratio, for easier, more precise selections. Lens Correction Apply Lens Correction tools automatically within the Edit workspace or the Camera RAW Lab to quickly correct the distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations that are commonly introduced by most camera lenses.

Layers Layers are essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design. Search for layers by name to quickly find the one you need, merge selected layers, and easily expand or collapse layer groups.

Text and Shape Cutting Instantly create a photo object by using text or a shape to clip an underlying photo or image. Then paste or drag it to any image as a layer. This handy integrated reference guide offers step-by-step instructions and quick access to the right tools to help you get the most out of your photo editing software. Graduated Filter Effect Quickly add unique color gradients to your photos to simulate the effect of using different camera lens filters.

A wide range of easy-to-use gradient controls allows for more creativity and experimentation. Painting and Drawing Tools Choose from a variety of built-in brushes, including paint brush, air brush, fill and color changer options, or import Adobe Photoshop brushes to bring your digital artwork and creative designs to life.

Vector illustration tools let you draw with preset shapes, pens and add text on path. Photo Mapping Keep track of what happened where by mapping your photos to real world locations using GPS data and Facebook check-in points.

The Map mode also lets you geotag pictures and add locations using Google Maps, providing an intuitive and interactive way to view and organize your photos by location. Share My Trip For the ultimate photo-travel experience, use the Share My Trip feature to create an impressive slideshow that links your photos and comments directly to an interactive map. Save your photo-map as a slideshow or upload it to your Dropbox account for optional sharing on Facebook.

Social Media Sharing Connect with loved ones and share your photos with the world using the built-in social media features of PaintShop Pro X9. Choose from the library of helpful photo editing tutorials to develop your skills and become a better photographer and photo editor. Support for Third-Party Plugins Extend your photo editing software’s capabilities further with specialized third-party plugins.

Support for bit versions of third-party plugin tools and support for Adobe Photoshop plugins open up a world of creative possibilities. Amazing Portrait Retouching Make sure everyone looks their best with easy red-eye removal and makeover tools that get rid of blemishes and unwanted lines, smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth and even out skin tones. Extensive File Support Whether you’re importing from your camera, scanner, the web or another photo editor, PaintShop Pro supports popular raster and vector file formats, including Adobe Photoshop.

Output your files to a broad selection of image formats for easy sharing. Retro Lab Bring a vintage look to your photos by applying old-school color and contrast. You’ll love the instant effect inspired by early lo-fi cameras. Instant Effects Add creative effects to your photos in just seconds.

Thumbnails make it easy to select the effect you want. Selective Focus Get the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses without the cost! Selective Focus lets you mimic tilt-shift effects in your photos. You can also use it to play with depth of field to keep parts of the image in focus and the rest blurred. Web Tools Use a variety of versatile web tools to save and optimize images for online use.

Work with image mapping to link HTML with your graphics, and use Slicing and Rollovers to create designs that work seamlessly with web pages. Amazing Photo Restoration Bring your old family photos back to life with powerful photo restoration tools. Use the Fade Correction tool to restore the color and contrast of faded photos and the Scratch Remover to repair unsightly cracks in tattered photos to make them look new again.

Comprehensive Text Tools Add text to any print, web or photo project with this photo editing software’s complete typography tools.

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Download your Corel software here. During installation, you will be Just download the trial—no serial number required. PaintShop Pro X9. Download · Trial. The download / re-download of a product is only applicable to an Electronic Software Download. If you own a box product, there is no need to.

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Corel’s Paintshop Pro X8 is a comprehensive photo-editing application that allows you to create your best photos ever. Paintshop Pro X8 has. Take your photography to new levels with Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimateincluding a faster, easier, more-creative-than-ever PaintShop Pro and an exclusive.

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