Pixel gun on pc

Pixel Gun 3D: Although it is available for free on both the platforms, it is supported by ads. Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooting multiplayer game. There’s also a single player mode, known as the Survival Campaign, where you face a bunch of zombies attacking pixel gun on pc from all sides. All the playing modes involve similar gameplay.

Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) For PC (Windows & MAC)

pixel gun on pc

Go into battle against a horde of zombies. Play a multiplayer battle against players from all over the world. With your trusted pixel gun in hand, you can take on all challengers. Survival is the ultimate goal. The best way to survive is to fire your gun at anyone that crosses your way. Earn money by shooting enemies in this free multiplayer shooter. Then you can buy new guns and new skins for your character. Be warned, though, your enemies also make use of all their weapons to shoot at you.

Only the right mix of skill and luck will let you survive. Do it long enough and you win the game. Play different modes of this survival shooter. There is sure to be one that best fits your abilities and mood. Maybe you like Pixel Gun 3D single player campaigns about hunting zombies.

You can also play multiplayer battles with pixel enemies who shoot their guns at you from all directions. In single player mode, this shooter adds another twist to the game’s survival challenge.

You have to find a number of objects in each level to unlock new maps. But don’t just run around checking the ground for Minecraft style objects. You’re not suddenly free of the threats and dangers that the undead pose to you. Two-legged and four-legged flesheaters are still out there.

They are eager to grab and hurt you. There is only way to escape. Use your gun to turn the scary monsters into pixel blood and guts. As an additional motivation, each shot that hits is directly turned into money. You can spend this money to update your weapons by buying a new gun. You can also buy health boosts and other improvements in the shop. Is that not enough encouragement for you? Then level up over time as you kill more and more of the endless zombie horde.

Go on a massive killing spree as you put down one undead creature after another. If you kill one of the monsters that’s one fire, it will trigger an explosion. They will detonate, and cause more damage. Maybe enough zo take down some of the zombie enemies surrounding them. What if you don’t like story mode? What if you want to know that you are shooting at actual other players. For gaming fun like that, there is always online multiplayer mode.

Here you will join trigger-happy players from all over the world. You will all try to become the lone surivivor of what will surely be a massive pixel massacre. Bullets will fly and blood will splatter as the action heats up. Stay out of harm’s way long enough to deliver the final devestating shot. Eliminate players from the game until you win. Everyone is trying to shoot the other guy to bits. That’s why everybody will use all kinds of firearms and grenades.

Take your pick from uzis and machine guns, which fire rapidly. You can also pick a clunky yet powerful shotguns that will destroy anyone in close range. In this shooter game saving your own skin is not only sensible, it is downright necessary. In Pixel Gun 3D only the quickest shots and the meanest players make it to the end. Leap into the combat battlefield and join the deathmatch. Find out who can make the most coin out of killing everybody else. This is pixel warfare. And it is really tense or nerve-wracking.

Wait for your opportunity as a blocky sniper. Jump into the line of fire. Blast away anyone who crosses your path. Put your carefully selected weaponry to good use. Leave nothing but pixel corpses in your wake. Join the multiplayer fun that is Pixel Gun 3D and put those undead freaks back into the ground! Happy hunting!

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Download Pixel Gun 3D for PC – Use Andy OS to run any mobile app directly on your desktop/PC – Pixel Gun 3D on PC installation guide. Download Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) on your computer (Windows) or Mac for free. Few details about Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition): Last update of the app is.

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Pixel Gun 3D: Pocket Crafting & Building is inspired by the epic crafting game, gives you opportunity to transform realistic HD terrain in Available on. PC. Hub . The online shooting multiplayer games continue to rule the world of gaming and mobile phones are becoming favorable consoles now. Pixel.

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Pixel gun on pc