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Share Uniblue software has the tools to help you take care of all of the megabytes and gigabytes you have accumulated on your hard drive. Whether you want to see what the bytes are doing behind the scenes, clean your files, or just make the gigabytes move faster. Uniblue has the program for you. The programs not only work exceptionally well, power suite by uniblue are extremely safe and easy to use.

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power suite by uniblue

Tweet There are some firms you look at with a kind of wary admiration primarily because they were a marketing pioneer of their time. Uniblue is one of these companies and, you should believe this is no understatement, it used to be major software developer, with adverts in every location, as little as eight years ago. Before it all went horribly wrong. Now Uniblue has closed the company for good with no prior warning whatsoever. Uniblue was well-known for system maintenance tools such as RegistryBooster which would scan your system, check for unnecessary entries in your Registry and claim there were issues that needed fixing.

Supplied as a free tool, RegisterBooster would bully or scare the user into thinking their system had some serious issues that needed resolving.

To resolve the issues, you had to purchase RegistryBooster. Most of the other tools were legitimate software, used by thousands of people without too many issues. It was RegistryBooster that was the problem. Without pointing the finger ourselves, Uniblue teamed up with a massive US-based downloads website in and ran various offers and promotions to encourage their users to download RegistryBooster.

They also bought specific adverts that sat right next to a download button stating “STOP! Your system has errors! I had the “pleasure” of visiting Uniblue in January at its office in Malta and met with one of their Swedish owners in their rather plush Scandinavian-influenced office. The owners spent less time talking about their software and seemed to keen to boast how much they spent on advertising on this well-known US technology website we mentioned above. Users started to realize that they were being warned that their system always had errors.

Indeed, someone who bought RegistryBooster fixed the errors, re-ran the software, to find it reported they had errors again. An individual cottoned on to the fact that this was bogus software as a brand new out-of-the-box PC would be deemed to have “errors that need fixing” even after the first boot.

Indeed, someone proved you could install a fresh copy of Windows, with no third-party software, install RegistryBooster and it would still claim your system had errors. You can only assume that the court action caught up with it eventually.

We do know the original Swedish owners sold the company in early , long before the court settlement.

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My orders. Your order history is a detailed personal record of all the purchases you have made with Uniblue, including your unique serial numbers and software . Powersuite combines many system optimisation features in one powerful package that together streamlines your computer maintenance and gives your PC a full.

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To use the program in full, you need to download, install and then activate your product. Step 1: Downloading Powersuite. Powersuite can be downloaded from. Uniblue PowerSuite, free and safe download. Uniblue PowerSuite latest version: The ultimate PC tuning kit.

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Power suite by uniblue