P On this page: NET devs use at one point or another — decided to change their business model for Reflector and take the product from free to red gate net reflector fully paid for license model. As a bit of history: NET assemblies. Using Reflector you can examine the types in an assembly, drill into type signatures and quickly disassemble code to see how a particular method works.

Red-Gate .NET Reflector Vspro 10 Portable (v10.0.7.774)

red gate net reflector

Product Reviews Review: But the real story here is the. NET Reflector is a decompiler and class browser that has helped developers examine. NET assemblies and methods since the launch of the Microsoft. NET Framework. You can learn a lot from other people’s code — including code from Microsoft. Originally developed by Lutz Roeder as a free tool,. The size and speed of changes in the. NET Framework likely made it impossible for a single developer, working part time, to keep. NET Reflector up-to-date, let alone extend it in new ways.

Originally, Red Gate intended to continue to make the community edition of. NET Reflector available as a free standalone product and use it as a “loss leader” to drive sales of the Visual Studio add-ins and other Red Gate. Those “follow on” sales didn’t materialize. Red Gate now offers three “for purchase” versions of. NET Reflector 7, which shipped in March. The pricing for. After an expiration strategy met resistance, Red Gate announced that.

NET Reflector 6. Integration with Visual Studio: NET Reflector fully compatible with the. For instance, to find the method you’re working with, you no longer have to go searching through decompiled code.

Now you can right-click on the method call and pick Open in. NET Reflector to explore the class in the. But the real power is in VSPro when you’re debugging code. Speed can be an issue, however, because. NET Reflector decompiles the whole assembly, not just the class or method that you’re invoking. Installation isn’t quite standard; there are no. Instead you run the Reflector. NET Framework you want. NET Reflector to support.

After starting. NET Reflector in standalone mode, you can turn on integration with as many versions of Visual Studio as you have installed. You can also activate Windows Explorer integration, which allows you to decompile assemblies by right-clicking on them in Windows Explorer. Now that people are willing to pay money for.

NET Reflector or have no choice , other companies are entering the market. JetBrains is building a.

And Telerik is introducing JustDecompile, currently in beta, as a free standalone tool later this summer. However, providing a better product than. NET Reflector is going to require hitting a moving target: Red Gate is currently issuing point releases every four weeks. NET Reflector.

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NET Reflector into Visual Studio to allow you to seamlessly debug into Redgate. |. , installs. |. , downloads. | (35) | Trial. Development started after Red Gate announced that the free version crack-all.com Reflector would cease to exist by end of February Update: JetBrains has.

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