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To activate Registry Helper, please follow these steps: If a scan is running, click the “Stop Scan” button. If any prompts from the program are open, close them. Click the round green “Activate Now” button located at the top of the Registry Helper program it appears to the regclean pro activation key of the “About” and “Help” buttons.

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regclean pro activation key

Pressing the Restore Defaults button will include all the Registry areas in scanning. RegClean Pro scans the below mentioned areas in Registry for invalid entries. It is divided in 4 major categories: System related entries: For system related entries RegClean Pro scans following area: Application Paths: A program when installed, maintains a reference to the path, at which it is installed, including the file name, on the Registry.

If Application Path information is not correct in the Registry, it may cause programs to fail to start. An invalid path on the Registry could arise when uninstalled programs do not remove their referential Registries or if the physical location of a program has changed. It is often seen that applications, especially word processing applications, generate issues or crash due to corrupt fonts or invalid fonts entries.

Invalid Font entries occur when a reference to the font is present in the Registry but the font file is missing. Help Files: When a program is installed, it makes entries relating to the help files associated with it, in the Registry. When this help file is deleted or moved from the folder where it was originally installed, it results in invalid Registry reference.

This is the last thing you would want – an application to crash when you are looking for help. Shared Files: Registry includes paths of files and program libraries dlls that are used by various programs. If these files are moved or deleted, it would result in invalid Registry paths. Deep Scan: The downside is that it takes longer to complete the scanning process.

Com and ActiveX issues: ActiveX and COM: An ActiveX control is a component program object that has a set of rules for how programs should share information.

ActiveX and COM components are installed on the system when you browse the Internet or install any application. These entries increase the size of the Registry or become a cause of malfunctioning of some programs.

Invalid COM or ActiveX object entries in the Windows Registry can cause application failures, document and information loss, and system crashes. File Types: There are many programs installed on a computer and have relevant files types associated with these programs. Invalid File Type entries occur when some file extensions refer to programs that no longer exist on a computer. User related issues: For User related issues RegClean Pro scans following area: History Lists: Windows maintains Registry entries of all the files opened on your machine recently.

These Registry entries contain path to those files. If the file is moved form that location or is deleted, this Registry shows invalid reference. Hence, with time the number of such orphan Registy entries piles up on your system. These are some shortcuts that point to invalid targets. The shortcut file refers to such file paths that do not exist on your computer. These are entries related to sound files on a system.

These sounds are played when certain events happen on the system like login or log off. There may be entries in the Registry that point to sound files which no longer exist. Current User: The user profile includes environment variables, personal program groups, desktop settings, network connections, printers, and application preferences. Startup and Uninstall issues: Start Menu: Start Menu provide quick access to some programs.

If we remove or move the program from its original location or move the Start Menu folder, this will result to invalid Registry entry.

Startup Programs: There may be some programs which are scheduled to be launched on Windows startup but are actually removed from the disk. This will result in invalid Registry entry. Add Remove Programs: A program, when installed, creates its entries on the Registry depicting various information and configuration settings. Along with this it also creates entries on uninstall in a special area in the Registry. As a matter of fact, when the program is uninstalled it should remove all the entries created by it under software or uninstall sections but some programs fail to do so and leave behind garbage entries.

If you want to exclude a path from Registry scanning, you can add that path into this Exclusion List. Remember that if invalid Registry entries are created under the path excluded by you, RegClean Pro will not be able track those registries and the sole purpose of optimizing your system Registry will fail. Therefore, it is suggested that you should be more careful before excluding Registries.

For excluding a Registry, you just need to click on Add Entry and select the section that you want to add in exclusion list. The drop-down list provides the name of the hives. To be more specific, mention the complete path of the Registry key in the next box given, Specify Registry Entry. Press OK to add it to exclusions. You can even delete an entry from the exclusion list just by selecting the entry and clicking on Delete Entry button. Skip issue due to removable media: When you install removable drives, it creates certain Registry entries.

When the drive is removed, Registry references will become invalid as they will link to the drive not found on your system.

However, at a later time if you are certain to attach the same drive again, we suggest not to delete such invalid registry entries because in that case you may have to reinstall the drivers for the removable drive.

Simply, check the option to skip invalid registry entries displayed in such condition. Schedule RegClean Pro comes with a built in scheduler for launching Registry scan automatically. You can schedule RegClean Pro to run only this one time, every day or every week. Steps to create a scan schedule: To create a schedule you need to select the type of schedule. You may schedule it to run once, every day or every week on a predefined time, date and day. Select the date, time, or weekday, according to the schedule type.

Click on Apply button. The schedule is created! This schedule will run only once. Every Day For daily scheduling you need to specify the time on which you want the program to run automatically. Every Week You can schedule your scan defining the weekdays on which you want the program to run the program automatically.

Do Not Schedule If you want to manually scan your system for invalid registry entries, you can opt not to schedule your system automatically. RegClean Pro is available in various languages covers most languages. You can run this program in your desired language by customizing this option. Click on drop down bar under Select the preferred language, select the desired language and click on Apply button. Program Control: This option offers you the following options: Minimize RegClean Pro to system tray Recommended: Select this option to minimize the program to the system tray, when you click on close button.

Exit RegClean Pro: Select this option to exit the program when you click on the close button.

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