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Even regcure pro free license key you modify some of your staff settings on your laptop like your desktop wallpaper or your shortcuts, an entry is produced in the registry databases. There are no way to avoid the registry becoming entire with the daily use of home windows, this is why you want to cleanse it every so usually. Metrics of efficiency gain edit By means of time your windows registry will retailer all kinds of information and placing in the database, some of these will be utilized all the time and some will just sit there using up room on your system and employing some of your regcure pro free license key memory that could be employed for other causes. The principal problem is knowing which files to delete and which to go away well alone. Recure takes the guesswork out of this for you and only deletes and cleans information that are no more time necessary any longer.

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regcure pro free license key

Class Leading Features Boosting Your Computer Performance By now it is quite obvious, RegCure Pro has an abundance of features to fix and maintain computer performance from all directions. In short, RegCure Pro scans comprehensively and repairs completely. No other slow computer fixer or Windows optimizer works any better, no other software tool like RegCure Pro is fitted with a full set of arsenal against computer problems.

The heart behind RegCure Pro, are three most important and noticeable features: Straight out of the box, RegCure Pro needs some of its features tweaked to get the maximum benefits of the software. It is absolutely astonishing to witness how well and how quickly RegCure Pro was able to transform the test computer. Absolutely Amazing. The optimal configuration settings are shared with all readers further down the review. Keep in mind a fully licensed copy of RegCure Pro was used for the purpose of this review.

There are so many choices currently available, that it can get a little daunting as to which will perform like it should and expected, remain the best and most efficient. The winner this year is RegCure Pro, because Paretologic is the industry leader when it comes to Windows optimization out there; the original version of RegCure Pro has been around for many many years. RegCure Pro will still be around for many more years to come and RegCure Pro will continue to be improved upon many times via free updates into the future, you can bet on that.

The latest version of RegCure Pro was used during testing procedures. The primary purpose of testing was to determine just how effective RegCure Pro is at restoring fast computer performance. The test machine is a basic Intel Core i7 CPU computer running Windows 7 bit that has never had Windows optimizer installed or run and no computer speed up software of any type run either. From the screenshot above, RegCure Pro detected over 4, different types of errors on my computer which were impacting my computers performance.

This first scan only took 4 minutes to complete! RegCure Pro scanned through the entire computer system and detected an assorted array of registry errors: Basically, it found everything that was wrong and misbehaving. As you can tell, RegCure Pro is very thorough! As you can see, all 4, system errors were corrected and fixed by RegCure Pro. RegCure Pro only took just over a minute to correct all the issues.

So total time to fix my slow computer was a touch over 5 minutes! Very impressive! The three benchmarking tools used for this review are: Simple test, but yet highly effective of determining if RegCure Pro makes a difference to the performance of the test machine.

The test machine was re-started and timed how long until it came back online onto the desktop. This test was conducted three times and the results recorded. RegCure Pro was then installed and run on the test machine.

All errors were fixed. The test machine was once again re-started and the time recorded. Here are the results: RegCure Pro was able to increase start-up performance of the test machine by reducing the time taken to boot back to desktop after a restart by a whole 4 seconds!

Excel I wanted to see how well RegCure Pro was able to remove bloatware from running in the background and removing other redundant software from running in the background.

In other words, I wanted to see if RegCure Pro was able to free-up resources and memory. It is a downloadable excel file which tests real world performance of a computer. The resources tested are typical of what a Stock, Futures or Forex automated trading program would require. Once again, the computer was tested before and after RegCure Pro being installed and run. The results were recordered before and after RegCure Pro.

Before RegCure Pro it took 25 minutes and 28 seconds to complete the benchmark. After RegCure Pro it took 22 minutes and 39 seconds to complete the benchmark.

RegCure Pro reduced the time taken to complete the benchmark by seconds or 2 minutes and 49 seconds! PCMark 8: I wanted to see if RegCure Pro was able to make an impact on overall computing performance. PCMark 8 is all about performance benchmarking and includes tests based on popular Adobe and Microsoft applications.

PCMark 8 aims to replicate real-world computer usage. This benchmark should really reveal if RegCure Pro is actually able to optimise all aspects of the computer. As with the other tests, the test was run before and after RegCure Pro and results recorded. Before RegCure Pro, the test machine scored points. After RegCure Pro, the test machine scored Remarkable results. You are currently running: Windows 10 bit. You run an Apple Mac Computer.

You should trust RegCure Pro if you are serious about having a fast computer. Completely forget about upgrading your computer’s hardware, save your money. Configure RegCure Pro as shown further down this review and let it run its magic. Once the program has had time to find and rectify every issue contained within your computer effecting its’ performance, a simple reboot will all that you will need to ever do to have your computer performing amazingly fast.

Download, install and then configure. An extremely simple 3-step process any computer user from any technical background can achieve. Paretologic is a verified Microsoft Gold Partner. RegCure Pro is not the type of software you would expect from a fly-by-night software developer at all. First impressions of RegCure Pro were absolute professionalism. Total justification of a high quality Microsoft Gold Partner product.

Anyone serious enough about supercharging their computer must have RegCure Pro. RegCure Pro Setup Guide: As promised earlier, the optimal configuration settings used in this review which turns slow PCs into fast PCs as they once were are below. Ensure you replicate all the settings in your version of RegCure Pro for maximum performance gains.

Click on each image for a larger version. Click on Settings 1 top right hand corner and then click on General Settings 2. Ensure you have all the boxes checked and unchecked as indicated above. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Registry Settings. Ensure you have all the boxes ticked and unchecked as indicated above.

Removing shared DLL entries within the registry may prevent other programs from operating correctly. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Privacy Scan Settings.

What you don’t want RegCure Pro doing here is deleting all your login details and cookies. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Junk File Scan Settings. Insert all the junk file extentions found in this list. Click here for the list. RegCure Pro has a limited junk file list database.

It is essential you insert all the junk file extentions into RegCure Pro from the list provided. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Defrag Settings. Analyze each of your hard disc drive s. Ensure all hard drives are defragmented before proceeding to the next step. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Startup Manager Settings.

Un-tick the programs you don’t want loaded each time your computer starts up. In this example, Spotify and a program belonging to MS Ofice have been unchecked. Click on Settings again to return to the main settings selection screen and click on Process Manager.

Simply click on the Optimize All button. RegCure Pro is fantastic at determining unwanted or unneeded software from chewing up valuable system resources. On the left hand side menu click on Maintenance. Un-tick the box as indicated and ensure RegCure Pro is run at least once a week to maintain your computer.

On the left hand side menu click on Overview. Un-tick the boxes as indicated. Click on Start Scan button. Once the scan is complete click on Fix All to have your computer running like never before! You are now set and ready to go for a supercharged computer. Paretologic does not ignore customer support by any means, hearing from them can be from as little as a few minutes during working hours via email or instantly via their direct telephone support line.

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