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As I started widening both my collection and knowledge of dance music I got more and scratch samples torrent into vinyl and ended up with so much of it. In high school I was known as the guy who always had records in his locker. I have milk crates piled upon milks crates, all packed full of vinyl, in my room right now. Scratch samples torrent probably should have written down more than just t1.

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scratch samples torrent

Up2Sky 5: I can’t remember if it was Rectangle or Quest who put on a record,but I know that someone made a sustained ahhhh sound for longer than 10 seconds. I think it was one of the endless loops at the end of one of his records but I can’t for the life of me remember which one. But if Im not mistaken, it sounded kind of distorted. Yeah, of course. I forget about all this digital business time and time again lol O.

Yeah, on one of Rectangles battle breaks, with the robots on the front has that endless sample. I’m just talking about his Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapons volumes: It was terrible. I must have between battle breaks. Some are god awful. And I used to hate the look on the face of the girl in my loca record shop when I went to pick up my imported records. Some of the covers were shocking. Butt ugly breaks, STD Breaks, horny martian breaks. There were also some covers involving bukakke and one with some chick passed out on in the street with her skirt right up.

She must have thought I were a bit strange lol 2: I cant look at it to this day lol 2: It is horrible 2: It is horrible I told ya. Just make one. I just made this, it’s not 10 seconds but it’s long enough for better cuts Long Aahhhh Sample.

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A free collection of 40 original samples created by DJ Colletta in his hilarious white-bread announcer voice, intended for use with mixing and. Stream samples & scratches by Ean Golden from desktop or your mobile device.

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Dj sampples and dj scratches for music production. Dj Samples, Scratch Samples, Scratch Loops, Drums, Dj Puzzle – Producer, Dj. A collection of classic scratch samples (including ‘ahh’ and ‘fresh’) free to download.

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Scratch samples torrent