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Specifications Price: Serato and controller software Serato has always done things a little differently when it comes to how its software works with hardware. No set-up, no mapping, serato 2 0 audio configurations. Serato was missing these people completely, and you can therefore almost hear the marketing thinking from Serato as it decided to introduced its serato 2 0 major DJ controller software offering, Serato DJ Intro.

UI differences in Serato DJ Pro 2.0 vs Serato DJ 1.9.10 in gifs

serato 2 0

Please note: SL2 Core Audio Version 1. SL4 Core Audio Version 1. To quickly navigate back to the old deck view you have several options: As above, this will close the panel. On-demand driver installer for Windows This version of Scratch Live introduces on-demand installation of Rane hardware drivers. If you plug in a new piece of Rane hardware while running Scratch Live, you will be led through a process to install the drivers automatically.

Minor Changes: Video-SL — Fixed potential hang caused by loading a track with an associated video. The Bridge — Fixed the number of bridge sync buttons showing up for the SL 3. Playback — Improved stability of QuickTime audio file playback. Recording — Fixed bug where the recording level meter was not showing correct values and therefore did not properly indicate if the recording was clipping. DJ-FX — Fixed bug where it was possible to have two effects units affecting deck.

This resulted in incorrect button states, and prevented the user from turning off one of the effect units. Offline Player — Fixed Offline Player not working correctly on Mac when the default sound card is set to work at Library — Fixed a case of Scratch Live writing WAV files with the wrong alignment, disregarding the wav format specifications. Crates — Fixed a bug where empty fields in the Smart Crate rules were causing mismatches.

File formats — Fixed not being able to delete loops in QuickTime files. Now it uses the same behavior as the Sixty-Eight, which means the primary decks will affect the Video-SL decks. Miscellaneous — Fixed function key presses on some Windows laptops causing pitch slider movements. Note that this will only work when autofill overviews is on. Serato ITCH 2.

Scratch Live 2.0 (Legacy)

As well as the major updates in version (see below), version now includes support for the Rane SEVENTY‑TWO and the Rane TWELVE. As well as the major updates released in version (see below), version is now fully supported in macOS Mojave, and includes paid upgrade support for.

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What’s new in Scratch Live ? A choice of 2 or 3 decks with supported Rane hardware. Built-in DJ FX with an assignable “Super Knob” for quick live tweaking. Serato DJ Pro brings with it good news for Official Serato Accessory users. Two new features come in independent pad modes and OSA remapping, and.

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Serato 2 0