Serum wavetable tutorial

Serum Highlights and Pro-Tips A high level fly-by of the best highlights and pro tips for sound serum wavetable tutorial in Serum. Learn how to import audio to make your own wavetables, how to draw and morph serum wavetable tutorial frames in the visual editor, and how to apply warping to bend the wavetable readout. Serum Bass Sound Design for 3 Patches This bass tutorial flexes some of the impressive sound design capabilities of Serum. Download the Serum wavetables and the live project featured in this video!

The Basics of Wavetable Synthesis

serum wavetable tutorial

You are not limited to the wavetables provided by Blamsoft. Or use the sampling button to sample your voice or a guitar. Expanse will always do something with the audio data. Import Setting You can use the import setting in the lower right-hand corner to smooth out the wavetable by choosing a Crossfade or Spectral Morph with fewer than all of the frames.

Crossfade is a smooth transition in the time domain, Spectral Morph results in a smooth transition of frequency domain components, or Off provides no transitions and uses all of the frames. Serum-compatible Wavetables Wavetables in a Serum-compatible format can be directly loaded into Expanse.

You can also make your own Serum-compatible wavetables using Serum or other audio software, or programming environments that offer wav file output. The format is as follows. If you use a powerful audio editor, such as Audacity, you can see the exact number of samples in the file. Extracted Wavetable — Thor Sampling an Oscillator In addition to Serum-compatible wavetables, you can also sample an oscillator to create a wavetable. Expanse processes an audio sample and extracts the periodic waveforms present in the file.

For Expanse to do this well, there are some things you can do to help. In this tutorial we will walk through an example of sampling Thor. Setup the oscillator We need a long steady tone from the oscillator. That means removing the effect of envelopes. Filtering can have an unexpected result when sampling an oscillator. It is best to listen to the oscillator at the pitch it will be sampled covered below. In this example, we will not use filtering. In this Thor, we start with Reset Device.

Then we are using the wavetable oscillator, the amp envelope provides a steady sustain, and filters are bypassed. This results in a raw sound of the oscillator. Create the note data Create a long note on the Thor track. Low notes are best.

In this example, we use F0 for 8 bars at bpm, that is a 16 second long clip. Create an automation clip that goes from zero to max on the wavetable position during the note. To capture the last setting, it may be necessary to end the automation sweep slightly before the end of the clip. Load the sample into Expanse Create an Expanse synth and load the sample into an oscillator. Now you have a custom extracted wavetable. You can use the sample editor to adjust the starting and ending points in the sample clip.

Extracted Wavetable — Subtractor In this section, we will create a wavetable that is a spectral morph of a few Subtractor waveforms. Setup the oscillator This time we will use Subtractor. Again we need a long steady tone from the oscillator, use the note recommended above. From the Reset Device patch, increase the filter frequency to max and the amp envelope sustain to max as well. Use automation to vary the waveform This time we will step through four waveforms. Create an automation clip that has four wave settings evenly spaced in the clip.

Bounce and Load Bounce the sample and load it into Expanse exactly as was done with the Thor sample. The last step is to choose Spectral Morph — 4 Frames as the import method. That will result in the four different waveforms being chosen as frames to morph.

Python Script ReasonTalk member Stephen Pinton has graciously shared his Python code for creating a wavetable from a script. The full details are beyond the scope of this tutorial, but this code should give you a good start.

Have fun creating your own wavetables!

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The Wavetable Editor, the heart and soul of Serum’s workflow, has a In this walkthrough, we’ll look at how you can maximize your use of the. This Serum tutorial with 25 Xfer Serum tips is GUARANTEED to boost your sound picture file into serums waveform display window to use it as a wavetable.

VIDEO: Serum Wavetable Tutorial

Download + free Serum wavetables and step up your sound design arsenal! Perfect for Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, House, and more. Our Xfer Serum tutorials cover everything from the basics like the oscillator tab and navigating Serum’s interface through to the wavetable editor and how to.

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Serum wavetable tutorial