Non-commercial use means: Sketchup 8 license you are a for-profit organization of any kind, or an employee of a for-profit organization using the Software or Services in that capacity, you are engaged in commercial activity; therefore, in order to use the Software and Services, you must purchase a SketchUp Pro license. Official license agreement for new Sketchup Pro users. The new release of Sketchup Make and Sketchup Pro brings sketchup 8 license core improvements to the platform.

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Trade in your old SketchUp License for a new one! With that in mind, this summer, we have a discount on new seats for those trading in their old licenses. If you still actively use the license, you must confirm over email that usage will cease after trade in. When the order is complete, the old license will be deactivated. Hurry though. Eligible legacy licenses of SketchUp Pro not on current maintenance and support contracts may be traded in for a discount on the equivalent number of new seats.

Which licenses are eligible? Perpetual commercial licenses of SketchUp 4. Basically any licences that are currently non-upgradable. Are network licenses included? Yes, legacy network licenses can be traded in for new network seats. If you have less than 5 network seats , you will need to purchase at least a 5-seat network this time around. Can we get a discount on a single to network conversion? No, legacy single user licenses may not be converted into network seats.

Can we trade in an old 1 seat network license? Yes, you can. If you trade in your 1 seat network license, we will give you a full discount on a 5 seat network. Can we get a discount on more seats than we are trading in? No, for trade in on single user seats, it is a 1: Trade in for network licenses is also 1: Can we still use our old license and get a discount on the new one?

No, you must agree to no longer use the old license. You must also confirm that you have either; Deactivated the old licence; or Uninstalled the old software; or No longer have access to the machine that had the software installed Can a customer trade in free versions of SketchUp 8? No, only licenses that were actually purchased are eligible for the promotion. Customer must agree to discontinue use of all traded-in licenses. Offer available from Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

Purchases must be completed by Licenses eligible for trade in are those for SketchUp 4. Legacy license information and proof of ownership is required prior to purchase. Valid in UK and Ireland only. Trimble Inc.

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Sketchup Pro Wen V8. MIMSM 4fc15e24cbba MBMSM e2b8fc58effec9d The FAQs issued with Trimble’s announcement of SketchUp Make (a new One part of the license of SketchUp Make says if you are not selling, renting This was the case up through the early builds of SketchUp 8, and then.

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