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Find a Dealer Raven MTi2 In the past decade, the technological revolution has transformed audio into a medium that is produced and delivered in the digital domain. Powerful Digital Audio Workstations have transferred the entire recording studio into a virtual environment where all elements of the studio appear conveniently on a computer screen. But what has slate digital presets download lacking with the modern digital studio, is the same powerful workflow as what was accomplished on tactile mixing consoles. So back inSlate Media Technology came up with a solution. If the entire production studio was on a slate digital presets download screen, why not turn the actual computer screen INTO a world class control surface?

Virtual Mix Rack – Mix Master Presets

slate digital presets download

Tweet Whether you are a home recording musician, or you own a commercial recording studio one of the biggest ongoing investments you make are for good quality plugins.

Keeping up with what is new in analog modeling plugin technology can be daunting to say the least. If you are at all like me, you have a large list of plugins that you thought you just had to have and now just sit in your list and are rarely if ever used. So, it stands to reason that over the years I have become more selective in my plugin purchases. As things go that did not work out they way he intended, these engineers wanted more of these drum samples and Steven Slate Drums was born.

This changed the way drum samples were used in the professional and home recording market. Their first product was the award winning FG-X Mastering plugin suite, which was specifically designed to combat the Loudness vs Dynamic range war. This innovative plugin was employed a new method of creating perceived loudness without sacrificing the Dynamic Range of the music.

A few years ago I purchased the Virtual Console Collection to use on my channels and for adding an analog summing feel.

The fact is this plugin collection gave my mixes so much warmth and character, I ended up having the plugin on every track as part of my normal template when starting a new session.

The upside was if they were not something I could or would use, I can just cancel and only be out a couple bucks. After the initial recording is done, I take the recorded tracks into my studio and mix them using my DAW and plugins so they can be married to a video of their performance, which is given to the kids and posted on the web.

I will be honest, this project usually takes all my engineering skills to eke out a decent sound from these tracks. I am faced with almost every nightmare scenario such as weak bass drum hits, low insecure vocals, buzzing guitar amps, etc. More often than not, I would end up spending more time than I would prefer to get these mixes done.

I decided to use the Slate Digital Bundle exclusively on this session to see what they can do. I used mainly the stock presets for just about every track I used them on. As I added the plugins to the channels, I began to notice the mix coming together. By the time I had gotten to the last of the tracks I sat back and listened and was absolutely floored by the quality of what I was hearing. What the Slate Digital plugins did with just the standard presets was nothing short of amazing.

With a few tweaks here and there, some gain staging, I had a more than satisfactory mix! In the months after this initial experience, I have come to rely more and more on the Slate Digital Plugins. I can honestly say that there is not a single project that comes into the studio that does not in some way utilize this suite of tools. Not bad for the cost of a couple Starbucks!

So if you think about it, for less than the cost of a single plugin over the course of a year or a 1 Pizza month, you can have access to a suite of plugins that will change the way you mix and master. Now remember Slate Digital is always adding new plugins to the suite but as of the writing of this review.. Here is what you get: The quality and distinction of its sound coupled with the scarcity of the original device, makes the U73b compressor plugin a top choice among producers and engineers.

Each module can act as a preamp, a saturator, and even a virtual tube summing console. Using VTC, you can add color, warmth, depth, and vibe to your mixes and masters. VMS users can also use VTC preamps with the microphone models for rich and vibey tone on their tracks. Over the past fifty years there have been many different kinds of delays, from oil cans and tape machines to digital units, and each one has its own unique character and sound. So when it came time to create a delay plugin, we knew which delay unit we needed to model: In blind comparisons, users could not differentiate between the real hardware reverb patch and the VerbSuite capture.

Choose from dozens of modules including vintage modeled EQs, compressors, enhancers, filters, preamps, mixing consoles, and more. But even beyond the sound you can get with VMR 2. VMR 2. FG-X can make your mixes louder without altering the dynamics, removing punch, or skewing your mix balances.

The Virtual Console Collection allows your DAW to take on the personality of a real analog mixing desk, improving the imaging and depth and making instruments sit better in the frequency spectrum. VBC is perfect for adding a professional final touch to your mixes. With vintage and modern tones and clever features like hi pass detection and a parallel mix knob, the Blue series can be used all across your mixes.

Each preamp uses state-of-the-art analog modeling technology to recreate every aspect of the preamp circuit, from mild coloration to full-on saturation and distortion. VPC can also add real analog preamp tone to any track or mix, and even create rich-sounding distortion effects when pushed hard. Borrowing aspects of tubes, tape, transformers and world-class analog filters, it can be used on individual tracks — for adding air to pop vocals or fatness to drums, for instance — but it is also amazing during the mastering stage to bring out details in full mixes.

During development we studied over a dozen classic analog equalizers to identify the best attributes of each one, and then took all of those attributes and put them into a single equalizer plugin.

As a result, every band of the Custom EQ was inspired by a different original device, and has its own unique boost and attenuation design.

Each band even has its own analog-modeled output section, with rich musical harmonics to give it a lively analog vibe. E2 DEESSER The Eiosis e2deesser is the new standard in professional sibilant processing, featuring a simple and elegant interface coupled with a powerful frequency analysis engine.

Unlike competing products, the e2deesser can be largely controlled by only two knobs, allowing precise and natural-sounding deessing in just seconds. Big, fat, warm, deep, rich and exciting are just some of the terms used to describe what recording onto a piece of magnetic tape sounds like.

To those that know, tape is simply more musical. So we modeled two of the most famous tape machines in audio and provide them both along with options like bias, tape speed, tape type, and more in Virtual Tape Machines. S-GEAR Much of the history of recording electric guitar and bass involves loud tube amplifiers and studio-based effects. Traditionally, getting killer tones in the studio required thousands of dollars worth of boutique guitar gear, the space to store it all, and an environment where you could turn the amps up loud to get them to sound the way they should.

Michael Scuffham created S-Gear to solve this problem. Products from Amazon.

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New presets can be added to Slate / Eiosis plugins by clicking the be downloaded here: The Preset System is one of the most useful features of the Virtual Mix Rack. The Preset System works the same as it does in the latest Slate Digital Plugins. The Virtual Mix Rack offers a simple AB System which allows a quick and easy comparison between two Racks configurations.

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Virtual Mix Rack (VMR) by Slate Digital (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Virtual Mix Rack allows audio engineers to easily create the channel strips of their dreams. Virtual Tape Machines (VTM) by Slate Digital (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Virtual Tape Machines is designed to have the big, fat, warm, deep, rich, of Analog.

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Slate digital presets download