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In this Dubspot Top Picks guide, we look at a selection of our favorite mixing and mastering plugins that offer incredible sound shaping possibilities, impressive features, and professional sound quality. Ozone 7 is a set of essential mastering tools soundtoys vs slate enable both professionals and aspiring music producers soundtoys vs slate easily add a final level of polish to their mixes and audio recordings. While retaining the elegant workflow and precision audio processing of previous versions, Ozone 7 brings the best sonic characteristics of analog hardware to modern digital recordings and a host of new features. The bundle includes soundtoys vs slate 18 Soundtoys plugins. Saturate, compress and distort with Decapitator, Radiator, and Devil-Loc.

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soundtoys vs slate

What are the best saturation plugins? This Icon Picks roundup features a selection of professional sounding saturation plugins that will harmonically enhance your music. What is Saturation? Saturation is the essence of what makes analog hardware sound so musical and pleasing. Driving sounds through tubes, transistors, and circuitry has long been the key ingredient in great-sounding analog recordings. Artists and engineers use saturation to add prescience, character, warmth, edge, cohesion, and much more.

From subtle to extreme, analog saturation is an integral part of amazing mixes. Soundtoys Decapitator With five different analog saturation models to choose from, Decapitator is perfect for adding character to every sound you run through it. This beast includes a modeled tone control for shaping the saturated sound, a mix control for parallel processing, and a Punish button to push your sounds harder. Decapitator also does an excellent job capturing the vibe of vintage and modern hardware.

Furthermore, you can actually hear subtle changes when it reacts to an incoming signal. From subtle to the extreme, Decapitator delivers every time! Read More 2. Slate Digital VTM Big, fat, warm, deep, rich and exciting are just some of the terms used to describe the sound of magnetic tape.

Virtual Tape Machines is an excellent tool for injecting the musical analog vibe of tape saturation. Moreover, Slate Digital did a great job capturing the sound and all the best features from two renowned hardware tape machines. Using VTM on your tracks and mixes will make them sound warmer, smoother, punchier, and more analog!

Read More 3. Modeled after its hardware counterpart, Vitalizer MK2-T shapes sounds musically and effectively. It works amazingly well at enhancing loudness, widening the soundscape, and adding harmonic depth and richness. Moreover, this sonic shaping classic makes low frequencies sound more powerful and defined, mids more focused, and highs more vivid.

Read More 4. FabFilter Saturn Saturn offers a range of different high-quality distortion models, inspired by the vintage sound of tubes, tape, and guitar amps. You also get three creative distortion styles. In addition, Saturn features a multiband design with a selection of tone and dynamics controls.

Unlike other saturation plugins, Saturn offers modulation options, XY controllers, envelope followers, and more. Additionally, this versatile tool excels at adding warmth and definition to anything you run through it.

Read More 5. Its unique sound increases the apparent loudness of your mix or individual tracks without affecting the sonic quality or reducing dynamic range. The Inflator adds power, warmth, and presence to your mix. Furthermore, it delivers louder mixes without pumping and over-saturation commonly associated with compressors. This gem even adds loudness to heavily squashed or compressed material. It also can add musicality and dynamic range to previously clipped signals.

Read More 6. UAD Studer A For more than 30 years, artists and engineers alike have been drawn to the warm analog sound, solid low-end, and overall presence of the original Studer A Multichannel Tape Recorder.

This sought after saturation plugin adds warmth, presence, cohesion, and low-end punch that only genuine tape can provide. Read More 7. D16 Group Redoptor Redoptor is a high-quality vintage tube distortion emulator.

Although not technically a saturation plugin, it still delivers some amazing results. This harmonic sculpting device features both tube distortion and transistor distortion.

Tubes produce even and odd harmonics and naturally compress the signal. Transistors produce only odd harmonics and limit the sound. In addition, Redoptor is a modeled tube distortion unit. The emulation focuses on both the characteristics of the tube as well as co-functioning circuits within the distortion unit.

Read More 8. Give your low-end some thump, add warm crunch on the midrange, and let your high-end soar — this beast does it all! Moreover, Trash 2 is one of the most versatile saturation plugins on the market. Read More 9. This harmonic beast captures all the tone and character of the original hardware while also adding innovative new features. VSM-3 generates every characteristic from subtle saturation to air-ripping distortion with targeted preciseness. Try this bad boy on your master or bus groups and hear its magic!

Read More Soundtoys Radiator Radiator is a dual drive tube input channel and EQ, based on the classic Altec A tube mixer from the s. It brings the classic Altec tube sound, capturing the distinctive warmth and punch of the original hardware.

Moreover, Radiator features the modeled bass and treble tone controls from the original unit as well as a mix control for easy parallel processing.

Push any sound through this simple device and hear the magic happen. It instantly warms the signal up and enhances tones in a subtle musical way. Inspired by the innovative Studer A tape machine, this full-featured device brings all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of classic tape.

Introduce analog tone to individual tracks or full mixes. Moreover, Vintage Tape works great for adding dimension, fatness, depth, and punchy low-end response. It provides a comprehensive set of controls to manipulate the character of the saturation in various ways.

SDRR offers four different main modes: This versatile plugin can also operate as a saturator, a compressor, an EQ, a bit-crusher, and a subtle stereo widener. Moreover, this flexible harmonic enhancer adds warmth, depth, and character to your tracks or full mixes.

Mix-and-match hardware-inspired models spanning over decades of developments in tape technology. In addition, Satin features extra FX modes such as tape flanging and tape delay. Control the bass frequency to add low-frequency harmonics or crank the treble frequency to simulate tape saturation.

This saturation plugin also offers seven curves characteristic of valve devices, analog tape machines, and the sound of digital clipping. J37 Tape faithfully recreates the inimitable sonic signature of the original machine. This saturation plugin also features three modeled oxide tape formulas. In addition, J37 comes equipped with a comprehensive Tape Delay unit. Deploy the analog warmth of J37 to apply a level of hardware realism to your digital recordings.

It does not emulate analog equipment, but instead gives the user full control of overtone generation and volume. Furthermore, Reviver features different styles of coloration and an anti-alias filter. Second-order harmonics produces the characteristics of tube amplifiers that sound warm and smooth. Third-order harmonics delivers the sound of tape and overdriven solid state amplifiers.

This type of coloration gives your sounds punch, fatness, and detail. Moreover, they are both simple to use and highly effective! It offers warm and subtle distortion which works wonders for mastering, mixing, and sound design. Moreover, this full-featured processor increases the perceived volume of mixes without clipping them.

It also works great at bringing out delicate signals like acoustic guitars and percussion as well as adding punch to drums. This unique saturation plugin instantly increases the definition of individual tracks and full mixes. The dynamic process automatically adjusts complex sets of parameters rather than specific frequency regions. This revolutionary approach delivers impressive results every time. In addition, it only has three intuitive parameters to control the process! URS Saturation Inject some classic tonal preamp saturation vibe into your tracks.

In addition to having multiple flavors of coloration, this harmonic enhancer increases the richness of any sound with simple controls. URS Saturation also features different types of input stage saturation, even and odd harmonics, and soft clipping. This plugin works great at injecting the vibe of different eras and enhancement styles.

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but Soundtoys plugins have a unique sound that I didn’t find elsewhere. I guess the 1% cpu vs the drop 10% means something in this case. The new Primal Tap plug-in running in Sound Toys’ Effect Rack. The SoundToys 5 bundle, available for all the usual native platforms on Mac OS and Windows, includes not one but three new plug-ins. In SoundToys 5, Tweak panels fold out beneath the main window, both in the Effect.

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Should you buy the Waves CLA bundle, or the Slate Digital Virtual Bus Compressors? There are plenty of plugins I love from Soundtoys, Slate, and more. Why Analog vs Digital Summing is a Waste of Your Time. SoundToys Decapitator. Advertisement. There are plenty of affordable ways of bringing some real analogue goodness into your productions.

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Soundtoys vs slate