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Consider the two user experiences. HBO launches its new show on Sunday nights. After a few weeks of critical buzz and media blitz promotion, the show airs. Viewers tune in, and if HBO is lucky the product catches on. Viewers talk about it on social media and at the water cooler. Now there is a six-day gap during which that enthusiasm can fade, and all that viewers have to hold onto is the one hour that they watched last week. During that time, new distractions will pop up.

Maybe the viewer will watch something else. Maybe the viewer will forget. Now consider the Netflix model. A viewer can log in and watch as many of the episodes as they want. The longer they spend with the show, the more likely they are to get hooked on its narrative. Even putting aside the raw viewer statistics, there is also the buzz factor.

There is a tendency to assume that the structures that are currently in place will remain in place forever, but the dawn of the Internet age has seen those ideas challenged to the point of irrelevance. But things change. When consumers have the option to watch content on platforms as small as smart phones or as large as projection screens, the idea that one method of viewing video content in some way trumps another is ludicrous.

This seems ridiculous, but arguments like this permeate the Internet. Is reading a magazine superior to reading an article online? Can a video game really tell a story? What the modern media landscape has taught us is that these arguments are not the point.

All of these statements are about the medium in which a narrative is delivered. The plays of Shakespeare were performed at the same venue where people poked at bears chained to a post for entertainment. The idea that a funny TV show is 30 minutes, a serious one 60 minutes, a funny movie is around 90 and a serious one is over but less than are all conventions based on what worked in a different time. The standard two-hour length was a combination of attention span of audiences and the scheduling needs of the movie theaters.

In addition to testing the patience of the audiences, longer movies meant fewer daily showings for the same ticket price and overall less revenue for the theater and ultimately the studio. Game of Thrones Finale: Similarly, television run times largely came about in order to maintain a broadcast schedule so that viewers would know when programs were on, and advertisers could have readymade advertising units to fill.

But in a scenario where content can be selected from a wide menu and stopped and started at the leisure of the consumer, program lengths and viewing schedules are entirely arbitrary and frankly unnecessary. I tried to explain that I did have the option of programming my VCR, but that only made things worse. Content creators on the wild west of YouTube have shown that works of comedic brilliance or deep profundity can be done in minute bursts.

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